Cute Deepthroat

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So please don't tell me that I'm retarded, and should go and kill myself. Or do, I'm not your mom.


Edit: I never expected this many comments on what I made in such a small time. Thank you all for giving me positive reviews, and bad reviews. Criticism and positivism helps me see what I did wrong and what I did right, and at the same time motivates me to make more. Thank you!

Edit#2: I can't believe I got this many comments on my game, too many for me to respond to honestly. Alot of the comments helped me in some way, which is great. I'm gonna upload this 2.0 version, it has sound (not the best quality, but hey), it has a background, it has fancy color things going on (it's a gradient, someone commented me to add a gradient in front of everything, and it looks great, thanks for the comment!), and the most important part: A cheap ass cumshot.

Music: Space Cake - Fuck me.
ALL THE SOUND EFFECTS: I stole them from Zone. I'm so sorry, Zone-tan.

Also I have no idea how to make a button for sound increase/decrease/mute. It requires Actionscript knowledge and I don't have that (yet). So sorry if you hate the music, I know alot of you will.

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Amazing how the money shot goes at the end keep it up!

It's good. I like it. My only issue is that the girl could be a bit more pleased. The deepthroat looks too angry.

Pretty good but needs to be a bit longer and the woman needs to be pleased.

'Cute' and 'Deepthroat' seem like two pretty conflicting terms, but looks like you managed that nicely! Animation's slick, graphics good, expression goes along with the action, and the sound is just loud enough. A simple, but pretty much flawless loop! Now I'm curious what the first version looked like though, would be interesting with a dumped file for that, for comparison. Sounds like it improved quite a bit! Nice work.


trihaf responds:

Thx for the comment, unfortunatly ive no idea where the old file is, prob deleted it.

xD this is awesome. She looks like one of my friend, Brian, girlfriend. I kinda always wanted to bang her so this hit home. I kind of want to somehow screen capture this just in case you take this down.

The animation is on point, I don't know what everybody is yapping about. I could understand about the blurry buttons though, I was kinda of sitting there waiting for something to happen. You have to remember, people are stupid ass n***as'. Buttons blending into the background is a bad mix.

Btw if you were to set up an adf.ly and put up the game for download, I would definitely want a offline copy (just in case you want to make some extra cash off of people clicking links)

trihaf responds:

thx for the comment, say hi to brian's girlfriend for me. im not really motivated or skilled enough to start thinking about making money with this kind of stuff. Maybe later