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Ling Xiaoyu Vs Lei Fang

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Two Fighting game, icons, put there other "Skills" to the test, and things get personal.

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It's okay, would be good to see a 3/4 view rather than just side on this may help give things a bit more emotion.

Been said before but I do have to add there is no emotion, it is mostly all mono tone. Another thing is an oft feeling that there is a lack of rhythm, as if it was all read off a paper, and not properly versed. A good effort and the animation is decent.. but the voice work needs a lot put into it.

lmaooo!!!! I love this omg hahaha I played the fvck out of Ling Xiaoyu that was my main champ lol



Seriously I cant remember the last time I saw a Tekken/ Dead or Alive parody that was never

My only complaint though. Holy shit the voice acting was fucking awful. I mean seriously would it kill these girls to at least put a little more enthusiasm in their performance? Like it's almost cringeworthy how bad they sound. Great animation but for the future get better voice actresses

shadowcounter responds:

sorry. There are a lot of multi syllables in the rhymes. I typed it out, and she just read it, trying not to get tongue tied. I should have had her memorize the lines, so she could have put more into it. I had to do a lot to match it to the beat afterwards. Sorry about the disappointing audio. Still proud of this one, cause it is much better than the original. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQWpN4V4WSA