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In Astrominer, you play as a deep space miner, travelling to different planets and exploiting their natural resources for your own gain!

Your goal is to make as much money as possible mining for different kinds of ore, then spend that money on various gadgets and upgrades to further improve your mining capacity, in the endless cycle of space capitalism.

You will have to take ore price fluctuations into account, as well as the ore capacity of the different planets when choosing where to visit next. Sometimes you will want a planet with as many kinds of ore as possible, and sometimes it will be more efficient to choose a planet with fewer ore types.

When you reach a planet, it's time to dive. Click to dive from your ship's platform and use the mouse to guide your miner on his way down. Try to avoid orbital debris in order to build up as much speed as possible.

When you hit the planet's surface, you start mining down. You will lose speed as you mine deeper so try to collect as much ore as possible before you come to a stop.

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Pretty decent game, the beginning and middle of it would be MASSIVELY improved by moving the miner from the middle of the screen to the top of it.

Simple but cool. also love the dr strangelove reference

it seemed like the floating rocks generally appeared based on a predicted trajectory of where the player might end up. I really felt like it was kinda unfair and pretty much that i ran into nearly every single one until i got the radar. it's gotta be more random or it's just not rewarding.

if i go in a straight line down the middle of the level, i get hit with almost every single rock, and although that would make for a more challenging experience in theory, it's just not really working for me. especially given that i have to do 5-6 runs to collect any minerals at all, and avoiding the rocks doesn't really pay me anything, it seems a little bit strange that it'd be so difficult to avoid them on the earlier levels. even after i bought the radar i found that i wasn't given nearly enough time to avoid them, because any evasive maneuver would turn me more horizontal and i'd become a much bigger target.

im on like my 10th run and am making 0 progress because i cant avoid these rocks, man. if you're going to add such a non profitable buffer layer at least ease up on us. honestly i think you need a much bigger window for the game, to increase the turning speed by like at least double in midair as well as maybe only adding so many asteroids on more difficult or profitable planets.

it's important to create a sense of progress and difficulty, but this is just tedious and not rewarding enough in the early attempts to keep the player interested.

some of the upgrades are unclear and i'm not sure if i just wasted my money on something useless when i bought the rod, especially given that none of the upgrades ive purchased so far seem to make any real difference in the profitability of my runs given that there is so little time to respond to minerals even with the radar that the entire game is simply chance based at this point. I shouldnt invest several hundred dollars into the whole first row of upgrades and just reach a stand still where none of them are even making a difference and im still only getting 30-50 dollars per run tops.

is this MDK/MDKII influenced? cant help but notice the resemblance of the pointy hands on the suit and the airdrop sequence in the beginning of II (although i guess you're going to sabotage the miner, not be the miner lol)

the only way i figured out to make any noticeable progress without sitting here doing gruelingly repetitive and unrewarding attempts is to hug one side of the screen as much as possible while in midair because the rocks wont ever spawn there, but again this is not rewarding and you made me feel like i had to cheat to move forwards.

idk... this seems like a good concept but it's just too slow and chance based for my liking

very good, love the originality

This game is amazing, really is, I like just about all of it. Only thing I have to say is you have little time to avoid the meteors while falling. Perhaps the player being closer to the top of the game?
Other than that, I love it.

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3.86 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2015
4:18 PM EDT
Action - Other