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Freddy Nightmare Run

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Author Comments

Freddy is a young boy that likes to play video games all day long, yet he can't even think what is about to happen once he is sent to bed by his mother. While falling a sleep our little friend has a terrifying nightmare of him playing the role of a character inside a game that must survive the monstrous Soul Catcher. This won't be an easy task to complete as Freddy needs to run constantly, jump or slide among obstacles and escape enemies. Have fun and enjoy !

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Harder than the 3D version. Anyway keeps a good game

This is pretty nice but needs some improvement as far as timing and collision is concerned. Decent work!

I love how this game is all about learning the patterns and carefully timing your moves.

On my first attempts, I thought it was kind of a flaw that you had to wait until the character was on the ground again to start the next move (making the jump-then-slide move quite tough), or how you could not fire two shots in a rapid succession...

But in fact, it forces you to have better anticipation of what's coming. It forces you to be extra-aware of your surroundings and plan your moves accordingly (exactly what the original Castlevania for the NES did, which helps instilling a sense of legitimate fear through the gameplay itself).

It was short but really interesting, and I really loved it. Following you an waiting for the sequel, with more different patterns, enemy placement and enemy behaviour, I hope :)

adytt responds:

Thank you very much for you kind review. Indeed the game is a little bit more realistic then the others. It needs good timing and planning to complete all the challenges. Sometimes you need to figure what path you choose or decide between trying to get more coins or play more safe in order to avoid the incoming obstacles. It takes a few minutes to get used how to best interact with the game, but once you familiarize yourself it becomes kind of easy to play.
Regarding the sequel, I'm putting it all together in my head, my own thoughts and other I get from people that played the game and shared their impressions, so that the second part would be also fun to play and maybe even better.

There where 3 people involved working at this project.
Me - imagining the game story, the characters, obstacles, menus and such.
the artist - that draw the main character and the introduction.
the coder - the one that put it all together. He is the one that build the game in this manner so the credits for game behavior goes to him :)
Regarding Castelvania I have played on SNES long time ago, but it was very difficult for me back then. I find Castelvania more interesting to play now at my age then backthen,

Pretty good. A decent early game at least. Clearly you've put forth effort and it works.

Work on the hit detection though. Hitboxes seem a bit .. off.

Also sometimes you'll just die randomly for presumably no reason whatsoever.

Finally, it doesn't make a lot of sense for stationary barrels to harm you. Maybe replace them with spike barrels or something that'd make more sense.

adytt responds:

I won't use barrels in the second episode, thank for pointing this.
Character should not die randomly - bugs happens on slow computers though from what I can tell, as the obstacle are generated a little wrong.

To start, the game has satisfying graphics but the game has terrible mechanics. Whenever I try to jump over an enemy, it doesn't jump high enough and I get hit by the obstacle. The only way I don't get hit by obstacles is by getting hit by something else to turn invincible for a while but I lose lives. The only thing I have been able to avoid are the hanging axes by sliding over them. There's some other parts that are treacherous. I try jumping over the ghost, good, another thing I can avoid. When I jump over it I get hit by the upcoming axes. Maybe you should've let the players control the caracter rather than have it run by itself. And then you could have the screen moving and you would have to run as fast as you can so the screen doesn't eat you or, if changing the gameplay is too much you could work more on that hit detection box, because it's ridiculous. It's barely the first level and I can't get past it. And the controls suck.

I'm giving you 2.5 stars. It just isn't a good game.

adytt responds:

Hello you don't need to jump over ghost, ghost won't harm you at all.
You don't need to jump over skeletons, you need to shoot them by using spacebar key.
Game is easy to play you just need to choose the right moment to jump.
Try a little more, I will upload a video, I can finish the level without getting hit.

Credits & Info

3.54 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2015
6:06 AM EDT