Amazon Island 2

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The long awaited continuation of Amazon Island game is fanally here. It's time to meet the migthy amazons' chief and start the sexual revolution!


this was easy how its it challenging

I hate it when porn games decide they need to be really difficult. I didn't decide to play this because I want to stress about doing the game right, I decided to play this to jerk off. 0/5, do not recommend.

Why are there always huge tits on these games?

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I don't like that there's any challenging gameplay at all. I can either play a game, or I can enjoy something smutty, I can't do both. The bit where you're running from this chick is frustrating, because by the time it tells me to jump and I've jumped the spear has already hit me. And that' because I'm not concentrating on the actual gameplay, because if I was actually concentrating on the gameplay I wouldn't be in the right frame of mind to actually play a 'game' like this.

Is there an infinite health cheat, or something that invalidates the gameplay? Because that really would be ideal.

yes, i have to agree, it is rape. but it is rape porn game animation. its not meant to be some political correct sex game. come on now, we are all playing these games for fun...and for others, to possible rub one out real quick. its all made up fantasy, all couples enjoy role play of some sort.

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3.45 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2015
1:08 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating