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Sukhon Somporn in Thailand

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Simulation - Dating

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Jun 30, 2015 | 9:10 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Sukhon Somporn takes a vacation in Thailand but runs into some problems. Earn enough money to get back home.

Use the mouse to click anything or Hotkeys:

<On the Beach>

1~6 Breast Sizes (once unlocked)
-A- Arm Covers
-B- Bracelets
-C- Collars
-E- Earrings
-F- Fingernail Polish
-H- 'Haggling'
-I- 'Invite' a Client (need Cellphone)
-J- Necklace
-K- 'Kleen' off cum
-L- Leggings
-N- 'No' Choice in Dialogs.
-O- Control Male Orgasm: Off, Never, Now
-P- Penis: Off, On, without Balls.
-Q- Quick Sex. Skips sex scenes.
-R- Rare item display
-S- Toggles Man Sounds On/Off.
-T- Tattoo placement.
-W- Wreaths: Veil, Mask, Hair style
-X- Xray inside Hips.
-Y- 'Yes' Choice in Dialogs.
-Z- Xray inside Mouth.

<In the Market>

-ESC- Toggle On/Off Mouse or Keypad controls then:
-Right/Left arrows- Select area.
-1234567- Select items.
-SPACE- Buy selected item.

Auto-saves in Night Market. Sound controlled by + and - keys. Erasing Progress will erase your Achievements but NOT your in-game medals or Upgrade Points. You will gain some more Upgrade Points from your Score.
1.01: Hotkeys added.

1.02: 'DeepThroat', 'Second Round' and 'Gangbang' Sex Moves.

1.03: Skip Sex Scenes option: Your stats will still be tracked but the unlockable Sex Achievements WON'T. Hotkeys for the market.

1.04: Sukhon can now have orgasms with Penis. I upgraded all the male skins so they look more realistic. Sukhon can now be fully nude.

1.05: Redid Credit Card debt. You can pay it off in the Hotel window. The pimp also now offers loans twice for 3000 and 5000 Baht, reduced from 10,000.

1.06: Cleaned up 3 memory leaks. Option of a bolder FONT in Start Menu. Your chosen settings will now Auto-Save even if you close the entire game

1.07: First Client available from Misty. Also unlocks another Sex Move. Tattoo can now be moved. "Average Work Day" Medal now works.

1.08: Upgrade Points added. Medals and Experience do NOT erase anymore when you reset your file. Instead they transfer to the next game. 'Fake Gold' Item now shows graphics on the Beach screen. I added in a back room in the 'Super Pussy' Club. You'll find it when you get too far into debt. Disabling Penis now disables cum on hand.

1.09: New hotkeys for items you unlock. You can also click some items to toggle. Disabled the auto-pause. I removed the 'Bondage Whip' but if you had bought it, I coded your money to be reimbursed. :D

***You must view the Statistics in the Night Market to allow the game to update past V.1.09***

1.10: Quick Update. Finished Bridal wear. Games now saves your Best progress scores/data permanently when you enter the Market. Viewable in Stats menu.

1.11: Finished Bondage wear and Misty's second Client: The Ancient. Fixed error where CC interest was 10% a day instead of 1%. OOPS! (don't worry, the Bondage Ending erases all debt above 25,000 now)

1.12: Added in Bondage Ending. Exceed 25,000 in debt to trigger the comic. Also, the bondage items now offer a 5% bonus towards the Customer having sex with you twice.

1.13: Added in Bridal Ending. Survive 30 days only on Oral-Sex to trigger the comic. New Medal as well, Fixed Tattoo error. Misty's 3rd Client: Leviathan is completed as well.

1.14: Multitude of minor fixes and graphical changes.

1.15: Can now buy stock in Super Pussy Club at 65 Rep. 40 new choices allow you to increase your investment. Added in 2 RARE upgrade items: Flower and Makeup Kit. You have <1% chance of finding them. You can now erase cumshots.

1.16: Temple Gods of Customer Retention and Transvestites finished. Rare cellphone added.. Added DELAYS to fix most sync errors.

1.17: Final Temple Upgrade finished which unlocks 'Pissing' (can be disabled), which then unlocks Priestess Outfit and Events.

1.18: Six Breast Sizes! (45 clothing layers) Nine new hairstyles!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It is a very good game. But in my oppinion, it would be even better if she could also get pregnant.

SlingBang responds:

That would be an interesting event. Might be a bit incongruous with the short game time though. It'd take 3 months before Sukhon would even show and most games are finished by 30~45 days.

Although, if it became a funded request from a Patron I'd be more inclined to put the work into drawing it all (including the XRAY view)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

pretty funny game, but did you update it? Becuase in the game it still shows Version 1.09...

SlingBang responds:

I vaguely remembered there being some 'strange' thing related to the v.1.09 update, so I went back and re-read my code. It turns out v.1.10 modifies an array that could potentially erase all your statistic data. The solution I found was to pause the updates at v.1.09 until you enter the night-market and view your stats. This saves your stats to a temporary array. The next time you return to the main menu, the game will run all the rest of the updates up to v.1.17. Kinda weird in hindsight...

So, to be clear: Go to the night-market. Click on the Statistics icon and view your statistics. Then, click on the Thai Script Banner at the top and return to the main menu. The game should be v.1.17.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hey ! The game has really strong points: good story, wide variety of sex options, various ways of playing the game, kinky options, ... It is really good. I've found only two bad points: the art isn't awesome, but the game stays enjoyable (it is better than what I can do btw ^^') and it is so slow, I don't know if it is my computer or the game but it made the experience really annoying for me, i don't want to play again because of it, but the urge is to strong so I will x)

SlingBang responds:

If it is choppy, then it's your computer but otherwise it is my poor programming skills. I used a looping timer and hard-coded the animation frame by frame... Terrible, I know... so there is no way I can change the speed of anything without rewriting hundreds of lines of code. The only 'solution' I came up with was to add the option to turn off sex animations. This at least allows you to progress the days forward faster... I'm in school for programming right now but everything is javascript, so when I do make another game it'll likely be HTML5 not Flash anyways.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Brilliant game which takes a nice length of time to play, and is great fun. The art is fantastic and really hot. The controls are very intuitive and easy to remember. I really like to seeming randomness of the customers that appear. I just hope that the creator completes the game soon so that we have all of the content and achievements.

SlingBang responds:

Yes, I spent a fair bit of time making the random customer face generator, so I'm happy to hear someone appreciated the effort.

Sadly, with every game I've made so far, when I look at the spaghetti code months later, my eyes start to bleed... so it's very unlikely I will do much more on this game. I will continue to create new games however, the next one is releasing in September, 2017!


Rated 5 / 5 stars




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SlingBang responds:

True. It's kind of a Reverse-Challenge-Scale game, where the game is actually hardest at the start when you have no money or sex options. :)