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A cartoon about the p̶a̶i̶n̶ joy of collecting amiibo.

Made for the FlashHoles June challenge
(Theme Good Idea/Bad Idea)

Music from Nintendo and Incompetech.com

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Could I have a YouTube link to the music from the part where he puts the Kirby amiibo on his drawer? It sounds good. It's pretty similar to the Wii shop music.

Loved the store music.

Are these things actually purchaseable?

GoggleKid responds:

That track is the online training room theme from smash 3ds.

and amiibo? yes basically there's going to be one for all 54ish characters in the smash bros roster +other Nintendo games.
its an awful craze, save yourself.

I don't know why, but sometimes your art reminds me of butzboprud's. It still manages to be it's own original thing though. I really like it. The sound effects and your choice of music was awesome ( except the transition from the first song to the second. It felt off to me, but I can't figure out why). My attempts at putting any form of sound in my videos suck (IMO), so I really appreciate it when people do it right. Besides that, I like it! I wish it has a bigger story to it, but hey, you had to finish it quickly right? I'll let it slide this time.

GoggleKid responds:

Yeah, this was a bit of like a quick one shot gag, i hadn't wanted it to be anything too long just quick and to the point. I really enjoy Butzbo's style, it actually has always kinda reminded me of David Horvath (Uglydolls). You may be getting that vibe from the line work, especially in this one. I turned my smoothing down to 0 merely out of curiosity to see how it would end up.

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it! ✌