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The Deceptive Curse

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Author Comments

A prince against a wizard to save a princess. Classic. But our prince is going to have a little surprise that will completely change his... point of view.

If you want to know what exactly is this curse, check it out at the end of the description! If you want to face it without any help... Then good luck!

This game, which is our first creation on Construct 2, was created for the Deception Jam.

Thank you for playing our game, and have fun !

[A] : Attack
[UP] : Jump
[LEFT] : Go left
[RIGHT] : Go right
[F10] : Fullscreen

-------------------THE SECRET OF THE CURSE-------------------
What looks safe is not. And what looks dangerous is not.
Assuming that Grampy, Grany, and a little kid are not dangerous, of course.

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Awesome stuff good work

you also forgot about the deadline...

RadianGame responds:

No I didn't. There was an uploading issue, that Tom helped me to solve.

I loved the concept but you still got voted zero and 2 star for being unplayable, the controls were impossible, worse than anything on the old NES, your 'safe' and danger areas are badly defined, I took damage everywhere even when I landed in the middle of the spikes or barbed wire, fell through the envionment a couple times, and couldn't get past the apple/boulder run bit before frustration made me quit. finally got to the end and the trapdoor wouldn't stay closed so I die no matter what. try again when you've got the controls less screwy and I stop taking damage when I'm 'safe'.

RadianGame responds:

Hi! Thanks for your review! I admit the controls and collision detection are kind of bad, due to my inexperience of Construct2. Netherless, though I tested many times, I never had such problems (with the apple for example). I knew it was a bit innaccurate, but well... I'll work on it anyway.

Thanks again!

At least it's a nice idea, creating a zombie character that get's hurt by normal ground and needs to go to through spikes. But until I got this, I was very confused why I get hurt all the time. Boy, you need an instruction screen or a Tutorial Level, otherwise it's too annoying.

Another problem is the introduction screen. I know you can press ESC, but was it so hard to put a skip button in there? And why does the game over screen takes so long to appear and disappear. It destroys the fluency. This could be a masterpiece or at least a very special game if you fix these problems.

RadianGame responds:

Hi! Thanks a lot for your comment.

In a first place I thought it was part of the game to understand that what looks dangerous is not and the other way around, but maybe that's not as clear as it should. I'll make something to fix this.

Concerning the introduction screen... I don't get what you mean. The escape button is the skip button. Do you mean it's not clear? And you're right about the game over screen, I'll fix this.

Anyway, thanks again for your opinion! I'll be careful to those points for my next creations. :)

Credits & Info

1.93 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2015
5:18 PM EDT