Adam and Eve

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Adam discovers God's dirty little secret.

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Written, Animated, and Voiced by: Sam T Nelson
Flaming Sword: Mike Peterson
Litllith Song Composed by: Klayton Mayeaux (Mandilore) www.youtube.com/Mandilore

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So Lilith is a copy of Dr. Frankenfurter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, or is it the other way around chronologically speaking? Either way, Lilith is definitely a "she" unlike Frankenfurter. LMAO! You did an awesome job in the first episode of this spinoff. I'm going to stay tuned for more!

Samination responds:

I don't remember anymore, but Lilith from the original story wanted to be the dominate one. So, I thought it would be a perfect fit to make her look like Frankenfurter. Who knows, maybe he/she/it is sporting a vagina under there.


I didn't think I'd ever see a continuation of the Messed Up Bible Stories, that was a fond memory of a bygone era to me, one of the better parodies that certainly surpasses darkmatter2525's not so clever not so subtle work, but here's a new one. You know, interesting point, in many of the original translations, Lilith actually WAS the snake. Lots of Christians who don't understand their own religion (which is most of them) actually think Satan was the snake, I actually had the glee of correcting someone who came to my door to try to convert me once, amidst the usual garbage, he said something about evil being here from the beginning and that Satan was in the garden of eden in the form of the snake, and I called BS on that, because I knew that the Jews don't believe in the devil, so I knew there absolutely could not be any mention of the devil anywhere in the old testament because that's their Torah, and the guy had a bible, he pulled it out, looked it up, and surprise to him, no mention of the devil where he thought it would be, and this not so humble atheist taught him something he didn't know about his own religion; that there is no appearance of the devil in the old testament, because all that junk came with Jesus, until he came along and revised Judaism, it didn't threaten anyone with eternal torture to coerce them into joining the club (and people say the New Testament is so nice and fluffy compared to the original, but nope, just because god isn't destroying cities and flooding the Earth and commanding fathers to kill their sons and sacrifice their daughters, apparently doesn't mean god got any nicer over the years). But if you look at some of the medieval art of genesis, they often portray the snake as being a sort of snake-woman chimera, because the snake was supposed to be Lilith.

But Frank N Furter being Lilith is definitely an improvement. If the religion was a little more like the rocky horror picture show, people like me probably wouldn't look at it with such disdain.

Samination responds:

Sometimes a talking snake is just a talking snake. I wonder why snakes don't talk anymore?

Solid animation, not to my highest standards of course, but I have seen worse. There were some parts that made me feel like I had to sit through them, but ultimately it was a nice animation and I do respect the work that went into it.

Samination responds:

Oh geez. What parts did you not like?

i enjoyed this very much man.. originally i had thought you were just having fun with this lilith character...really blew my mind that she is based on actual scripture... bravo dude

Samination responds:

Yup. Yup. It was something that I didnt touch in the Messed-Up Bible Stories because she isn't in the KJV, but she is in other versions of the bible (removed for obvious reasons). :D

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Jun 29, 2015
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