MazeCastle demo

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Game about knight and his adventure in castle.


Nice intro cinematic! The game play is immediately rushed onto the player so everything feels foreign. Nothing has any explanation. Level and end enemy design need improvement as well. As mentioned before, the rooms fee;s really compact and the enemy attacks feel really unjustified. There is no clear way to combat them without dying multiple times. Audio balancing would greatly help. Keep creating! I'm sure you'll make something that is fantastic!

too hard,but i like it.

There are no instructions, there is a strange delay on the sword useage, the rooms feel cramped, there is little space to avoid foes. The game feels like it's being played on an ice rink, as rats can slide you around the screen.
Everything moves too quickly, the game lacks the slower methodical play which is found in Zelda (which seems like an obvious inspiration). This incredible speed, with the chunky characters gives me the impression that I'm stuck in a small space and it is terribly unpleasant.
I have never managed to kill more than a single ghost, I don't know what the plague meter is, or how to get it down. Killing enemies is incredibly difficult with cramped conditions and an unresponsive sword. The speed of the movement makes fleeing impractical, as you can get stuck on door frames.
The only way that this game is actually playable, is if you enter a room, run to a dead end, have all the ghosts line up, then block only stopping to strike occasionally. Then you wait, hoping that the health bar will increase, because I have no way of telling if it will or not.
It is in my opinion, almost unplayable, in its current state.

Good game in best traditions of Zelda. It would be great to play full version.
To sum up:
-interesting gamplay(random effects in chests,upgrades,e.t.c
-nice graphics
-The game is short
-Design is too plain(for me)
-Full version costs a lot of money)

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2.40 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2015
3:08 PM EDT
Adventure - Other