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Author Comments

'Odessa' brings new elements to the Schmup and the Metroidvania genre, but more importantly : it mixes up both! Take part in crazy space ship fights -- keep your ship together while it's on the brink of destruction -- use varied weaponry to take your enemies down in style!
"Fun but challenging game. Really cool entry." - Jupiter Hadley

"Very nice concept. I really appreciated the freedom to control the ship from the inside." - Tesis

"Nice graphics, I love the controls, pretty smooth gameplay, difficulty on point." - Wobmiar Elbuoid

"My favorite part was when I needed to repair the ship, but there were a ton of enemies on screen. I would pop into the ship, repair for half a second, pop back out and fight, and then popping back in to repeat the proccess. It's a really cool idea, and it's just begging to be expanded on. Oh, and the graphics are fantastic! :D" - Ink
Soundtrack : SEAZO - A Tribute To Cosmos

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game is perfect, i can enter the first level, im pressing enter and its doing everything, please dont fix

game is broken, i cant enter the first level, im pressing enter but its doing nothing, please fix.

It's a pretty solid game, and I'm not even a big fan of this general genre. The mechanic part was what sold it for me. Having to repair your ship mid-combat is a nerve-wracking experience. Some bugs did annoy me, which is the only reason the score was this low.

When I unequipped the mining laser during a battle and replaced it with the chain gun, the chain gun disappeared after I died. Instead, two more mining lasers took its spot.

On the last level, was it just a bug, or did you really have to be sitting at the right edge of the screen to finish the game? I sat there for a few minutes just blasting away at one repetitive wave of the easiest enemies until I started messing around. Doing that was the only thing that let me finish.

This is just out of curiosity, but is there a reason why you can land on top of the doors? I know that on the second refill mission when you enter the room with the chain gun, you can jump on an invisible ledge above the door, but I couldn't find any others. Is there a secret there that I just didn't find?

ElPandito responds:

Sorry for the (very) late answer! It's so good to read this comment, thank you!

Yeah, I have to shamefully admit some of the code was rushed since this was made in the context of a game jam (I found myself swearing at my own game at times when it switched my guns haha, when I do play through it again at times).

Ha, yeah, the last level got some people confused. So you're supposed to jump onto the platforms and head towards the top-left, where there's like a second floor. Ugh, this level design just makes me sick looking back haha.

Thanks for playing!

While I really enjoyed this game, from the pacing and intuitiveness of the spaceship combat/internal repairs to the side gas runs and scavenging, there are a couple of bugs and tweaks that need to be worked on, such as texture fixes and the inclination of weapons disappearing mid-combat.

Eye-appealing graphics and overall quality make this a great game tho, can't wait for a next patch :D

like this game :)

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2015
3:03 PM EDT
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