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RC Land - Quadcopter FPV

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RC Land — this simulation game will catch fancy of those people, who are fond of extreme flights on radio controlled quadcopter. Flying over the beautiful sea island you`ll get the hang of drone control and beguile the time in traffic congestion.

- In the course of the game you`ll have to perform 24 riveting missions by using quadrocopter with FPV-system. There is also capability of over-island free-flight.
- Excellent training will help you to save money on spare parts for real drone - quadrocopter (unmanned aerial vehicle).
- Type of drone control: joysticks, accelerometer and Gamepad.
- Interactive selection of 3 FPV-cameras` modes for more aspect views of breathtaking flights.
- Grasp money and bonuses in the air for weapon and spare parts buying.
- Purchase weapon and three power levels motors at the garage.
- Hinder surface and water-born means of transport (quad bike, yacht, wave runner) from going away, arcade-like pursuing them at allowable distance.
- Hit targets using remote marker or superposed loads.

Well thought-out graphics are efficiently combined with physics, so you feel as if you are pilot of the military quadrocopter!

Many advanced features are afoot and will be on soon. Have fun flight!

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A-M-A-Z-I-N-G GAME! I simply love it. I love exploring the island,doing missions and upgrading my quadcopter! The controls are a bit slippery though, the models are a bit......off and the island is small.
I love this game and I recommend this to anyone but a sequel with the above problems fixed would be great! Thanks.

The game is brilliant and fun.. but there is a horrible flaw in the setup of the missions system.
Even with a fully upgraded drone, I can't for the life of me pass mission 8. It's become a grind and I've given up after way to much play time.. thus leaving 2/3 of the game unplayable. I understand unlocking new missions, but the way it's set up easily gets the gamer stuck and not allows them to advance and play the rest of the game. Basically meaning i have to beat the hardest mission 1/3 of the way in and can't play the rest without doing it? BAAD

The second flaw is the controller setup. I tried and xbox controller and the tilt axis was wrong (stick left right tilted down and up and stick forward back tilted right left.) I tried a PS4 controller and it just went flying in all directions barely responding.

I REALLY want to see an update to this game.. it's so fun, if i were you I would do the following:
1) Unlock the next game mode after completing at least mission 6 or 7 on the previous mode
2) More time on ring race mission 8
3) Calibration options for controllers.


VadimSIlver responds:

Hi! Thank you for your Review!
I will correct bugs according to your remarks in future updates. Strictly untried, this is my first unity game).
Xbox support realized in the the new game Multirotor Sim (coming soon and you will like it), so far in this game only support the Director INPUT, but soon it is correct... Thank you for your interest in the game!

The difficulty curve started a little to high in my opinion.
Start off with a little more time in the first levels to get into it.
Then with the later levels get that stress going and skill flow'n. ;)
The open tutorial level helps allot...really appreciate it.

VadimSIlver responds:

Thank your for your suggestions ...

The most imposable controlled game for flying I've ever seen.

Finally a game where skill and not upgrades determines how far you get.

VadimSIlver responds:

Thank you for Review)

This is easily one of the best 3D browser games ever. It deserves a much higher score.

I guess people are rating it badly because they find it difficult to control. Which is sad, because games are so often scrutinized for one little thing and the rest of the game is disregarded because players can't see past the flaws.

I do have some gripes. I wish there were hotkeys so that you didn't have to click continue. I wish there was a way to restart the level, rather than going back to the menu. And I wish you didn't lose the money you got on the level if you die. But I can't deny all the incredible things about this game.

VadimSIlver responds:

Now I am preparing for publication Multirotor Sim. I think you'll like it)