Funny Adventure

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-370 5 Points

Pass Stage 0-3, Gud! You IQ has beet 5% of udder calenjers!

Kill the door 5 Points

Don't be stupid.

Mentally disabled 5 Points

This is the same as looking directly at the sun.

Think twice before do something like that 5 Points

In Your Face

TROLOLO 5 Points

You know, this is just a joke right?

Break into the pig bank 10 Points

Robbers, let the pig go!!!!!!

Carrie Carrie Clumsy Clumsy 10 Points

Aww...... Don't cry......

Faithful Nemo 10 Points

'Faith' it!! Complete Stage 8-10

Panic Cat 10 Points

Just panic a lot...... UNFORTUNATELY

Riddle under the puzzled abyss 10 Points

What the? I made that riddle impossible to guess! How dare you pass stage 5-6???

Stupid Robot 10 Points

Complete a stage with 'Negative IQ'

1 o'clock murder 25 Points

SLAPTP-ME-YO!!! It means 'Slap me, you fool'.

2 o'clock murder 25 Points

What the? This is not murder, this is suicide!!

Colour Blinded 25 Points

Can't you see that it is GREEN!?

Prompt by a ghost 25 Points

How can you OWNED by a cute cat?

Smart Robot 25 Points

Complete a stage with IQ of 300 points



Good Luck! 50 Points

Complete stage 10-11.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

This is a puzzle like adventure (70% puzzle and 30% adventure). So sorry for puzzle haters.
Puzzled adventure awaits! If you like brutal puzzles and some funny mocking from a cat, "Funny Adventure" may fit your taste! Warning: If you're a puzzle hater, please do not even try to beat 'Stage 0-3' (Without Skipping). It will drive you crazy!!!
This game takes up, days even weeks to complete (That is, if you are not that smart, you might have to beg me for the answer, Just Kidding)

What is this?
This is a game where all the stages I draw (draw with a pencil) used it to test my friends. But I think I cancelled the following stages after Chapter 4.

Every level is possible, have fun.
If you think this game is not funny, that's because I called it Funny Adventure because I like it! So sorry if I let you down...
Most in this game is NOT logic, I tried to make this game just the way it looks like in 'MLP' but I just can't :( Lol.

Interact: Mainly with mouse, sometimes keyboard.
Main menu: Press the tab key (Be careful! This is a flash game with NO save system!

The size of this game is 16.8MB
Note that this might be the worst or most unlogical game you have ever played. Be the fan in 5NaF is more fun.

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This was great! But i am stuck at 2-1 and i want to discover the answer. I was stuck at 1-4,then 1-8 and now:2-1.Also,what "Follow the telephone" mean?

interesting. certainly not what i was expecting. often quite confusing too. particularly for those of us who have never watched Lost. and ftr, VII is 7, not 8. took me extra time to figure that code for the bomb out because of that mistake.

okay, so i'm still stuck on 1-8 (seemed obvious, guess not). tried every combination i could think of and still bupkis. lol. anyway, still fun for what i could manage. not all that funny, but amusing for a while anyway.

This game was pretty good for being crappy. 1,5 stars appreciated.

BlahBlah508 responds:

You should play to the end, it makes more sense than Chapter 1 to 8

Too like Normal Adventure :DD!!! EVERYTHING SAME!!!

BlahBlah508 responds:

Yes, and that is where I got the idea

like is game :s game is hard :( I block after the first book code

BlahBlah508 responds:

You can find the answer in 2 ways
1 - At Stage 1-2
2 - Watch "LOST"
Hopes this helps :) By the way no one completed the game yet.

Credits & Info

1.72 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2015
5:43 AM EDT
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