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Light In The Dark

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*Edit 7/6/2015
Just realized that my game is on the Featured list on the front page! Thanks for featuring this!

*Edit 7/5/2015
For those of you seeing graphical errors such as an issue with the lighting and the boxes surrounding the characters, I believe I have found a possible fix for chrome users, as I came across an issue after disabling the hardware acceleration when applicable setting for Google Chrome. Re-enabling this setting should fix the problem, as the game uses WebGL, and requires this.

To enable go to "chrome://settings/" in your chrome browser, scroll down and click "show advanced settings...", continue scrolling and under System, enable "Use hardware acceleration when available".

This is my submission for the Construct "Deception" Jam contest. I worked really hard to give you guys a quality end result here, and while it is not where I would like it to be, I feel that you guys will appreciate what I was able to make here for you guys.

This is also my first time using Construct2 in developing a project, so I just wanted to throw that out there. The game might be ever slightly buggy, and have some graphical issues, but for the most part this is due to me learning how to use the program. I also went from using the Free version to using the Personal use version, due to limitations. For this reason, certain features that would have made my life much easier were not available till after purchasing the license.

Press (F9) to Save a Screenshot
Press (F10) to Enter Fullscreen

Doesn't work in Yosemite, or Safari!
Google Chrome, or Firefox is recommended.


Press Z to Jump
Press X to Attack
Use the Arrow Keys to Move


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This isn't exactly deceptive, especially since you wrote that you shouldn't follow it in the desc. I'm not overlooking the game itself is worth something though.

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

Thank you! I really do wish I had finished making this game to completion.. I'm certain I'm gonna have to at some point now. :P

Nostalgia hits me while I play this--the way you emulate the mechanics and playstyle of those 90's games, though the few quirks in the mechanics seem to be comprising the primary portions that are apparent to the player.

Mastery of combat helps with dealing with the -short- reach the sword strikes go, though no mastery helps that you can't use Jump and Attack at the same time or...control the matter that you need to get -so- up close that dealing damage to the enemy is inevitable for starters given the quickness of how the character moves. Little room to adjust distance to strike. I like that you can 'adjust' the jump height with how long you hold down Z, though using the same 'sensitivity' in attacking would -really- help [Attacking...stops the player from moving] . I like the pixel art too; the shading was simplistic and artistic (though..you used only 1 ground texture as far as I see for the cave?). The water could have an...interactive effect when touched, other than just staying still when the character enters it (or is that blue colored puddle-air?).

The music, personally, doesn't help (me) ._. It's a mix of two tracks playing at the same time and the tempo or notes may clash with each other--the lack of options controlling them (seemingly?) don't help, though the screen 'noise' adjustment does aid the feel of the game. The music is good! But...personally, not very well sounding when used together. It may just be my headphones taking in every detail, but the 'clashing' of (subtle) tones don't go off for me and sort of dilutes the power of the music.

A checkpoint system is seriously needed. Sometimes I find myself jumping...and missing short due to my own fault ._. Finding yourself back at the start...may discourage some folk given the distance, depth, and coping with some mechanics. The fact that treasure chests (hidden or not) aren't counted on the retry does push the idea of Nintendo hard however. Wherein every move counts. The spikes (or harmless stalactites and lethal stalagmites) are very reminiscent of that. :P

And its your first time! Good work there :) Much room to improve however. Haven't finished the game though, due to the ease of death (Sometimes you can't help but drop on enemies given the layout despite knowing that you can, facing inevitable damage, and the uncertain drop rate of healing-food). So this review lacks a note of the storyline.
...And the Deception :(

However I'd note that the ball of fire seems to go from point to point no matter whether you go ahead or follow it--seems to trigger as long as you touch a certain area. Enemies -seem- to push you back more than you push them back when attacking too.

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

Your review is very much appreciated! I'm sorry about the music... I have been receiving reviews on 2 tracks playing and I don't know why that is the case. Anyways. Thanks again. I am glad you were able to enjoy what I had to present here!

I wish it had checkpoints so if you died you didn't have to start all over again. Wish you could slash in midair. The hidden chests really encouraged me to explore more. I like the visuals!

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

Thanks for your thoughts on the game. I am glad you appreciate the work I put into it, and understand your pain with the checkpoints and the slashing in midair.

Jumpings a bit late, could use air attack, the game bleeds friendship, and reminds me of my colleges from school tho, so it's a fav in my book. Just... idk mac... have an Alpha testing stage? It's kinda late now! Bit unplayable. Wish there was cheats so I could contra it just to see what you made, but I can't hack and slash my way through this for some reason. This isn't the first time this has happened. There was a castlevania game out a few years back as well. Rather not spout names tho.

Great, now I'm stalking you online <3

Hire ur musician again? Great music.

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

Haha, I'm glad you liked what you found playable! And I'll get right on hiring myself in the future!

Honestly I'm surprised by how much I liked this, not because you did anything wrong (in fact I love how involved you are in the comments) but because i just don't tend to like platformers (except for this and spewer. Though this suffered from something many other platformers tend to suffer from which is the fighting mechanic wasn't very good, this one suffered because you could not move and your swing radius was tiny to the point where I had to get so close to the enemy I would often be damaged. Also I didn't take off for this but it would have been better to use space for jump (or give the option to do so). Now for the pros and cons

-Interesting take on lighting the world (having the glow from the fire show you what's ahead
-Good enemies
-The controls were smooth (there was little trouble landing on platforms
-Great developer (though I don't know you and don't know that I've played a game by you before i love it when developers are in the comments answering questions and replying to comments so thank you for that.)

-Combat mechanic (you had to be too close to the enemy to hit them)
-Jump button (again, at least for me I almost always prefer space, but in this game x did work so i just wish there was an option to use space instead of x)

Overall great job and I hope you make some more games, I will be checking your profile now to see if you have others and trying them out if you do.

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

Thanks for your heartfelt review! I'm glad you appreciate me taking the time to listen and better myself at this art, because for me that's what it is. Art. I am very much more motivated now to work on future games, so thanks again! In the future I will likely make sure that the weapons have more range and variety in my games, and add custom control schemes for the user as well...