Electric Rubber

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Electric Trader 5 Points

Spend over 50 Kilowatts

Electric Marketeer 10 Points

Spend over 500 Kilowatts

Fancy Battery 10 Points

Unlock the "Fancy Battery" upgrade

Electric Agent 25 Points

Spend over 1 Megawatt

Overnight Success 25 Points

Earn over 500,000 Watts while being away

Upgradeable 25 Points

Buy over 300 upgrades

Watt Millionare 25 Points

Have one million watts at once.

Electric Broker 50 Points

Spend over 15 Megawatts

Dedication. 100 Points

Upgrade everything to level 50 or above. Everything.

Author Comments

Generate electric current to fill your battery by mouse movement. Upgrade your battery by buying upgrades for capacity, offline earning, rubbing power, and more. Complete to become the #1 rubber!

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mute not working

Nice! Clean and all! I might have played it in the past aswell.

You lost a star for the fancy battery... is ... nothing? What did that upgrade do?

The fancy battery upgrade didn't give my battery a hat, I'm disappointed. :(

Some things to note on this game before I review it:

- New Buttons DOES work but the amount of watts needed for it has never been fixed for whatever reason. (Requiring 7.5 Megawatts instead of 750 Kilowatts, hope that helps anyone wondering about it.)

- This game, much like any other idle or anti-idle game; is very time consuming to get all of the medals (Overnight Success requiring Daily Bonus to be around 500+ to even unlock as you have to not be playing the game for a bit to unlock it for whatever reason.)

Onto the main review itself then.

The gameplay slowly starts as an anti-idle game but after about ten to fifteen minutes becomes an idle game because Idle Watts Gained greatly outweighs how much Rubbing Power watts that can be gained. Kind of makes it seem pointless to bother upgrading after awhile aside from getting the Dedication medal.

The medals are pretty straightforward with Overnight Success and Dedication both requiring some dedication and time to unlock after awhile.

I did notice a couple of bugs that have seemingly never been patched as well. The Mute button just never works at all and aside from muting the tab or browser window that you have the game open in, the audio will keep playing. The audio is also pretty loud or it might just seem that way to me as I tend to use headphones for playing games and music. A smaller odd bug is on the Baskets upgrade screen, after buying one of the + Capacity upgrades and then rechecking that screen, the button for that upgrade is suddenly gone.

The choice of music is not bad but it's pretty loud and there is no way to mute it sadly.

Overall, not a bad game but a couple of unfixed errors kind of ruin it for me.

The New Buttons upgrade dont work. I have over 800 kilowatts and its written that it needs 750, and i cant buy it.

Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2015
11:46 PM EDT
Simulation - Other