Spike's Delicious Murder Mystery

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Siblings Episode 7: Spike's Delicious Murder Mystery

Spike awakens from a summer's nap to find his arch enemy, the squirrel. Upon close examination, he also finds his family missing! With the help of squirrel, he embarks on a quest to find them. There are other road blocks ahead, however... does he have what it takes to find them?! Of course he does!

Hey, everyone! Took me long enough to finally release this. It's been 95% complete for more than a year now, I don't have a good excuse as to why. The longer I waited, the harder it got. Been away too long.

All the old features are still present here. Scene select, Scrapbook, Extras, and the playing of the movie itself! It's all as you remember it. Even a couple of chatty secrets that unlock a couple more pages in the scrapbook.

This is a Spike episode, however, so try not to be too disappointed when you finish watching and notice the brothers are hardly in it.

Thank you guys for all the support over the years. This one's for you. :D

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This was hilarious

This brought me back. I've been following plenty of Newgrounds animators since the early days, and I still love all of the content that they all post (even though most of it isn't on Newgrounds anymore), and while it's all been great and continued to improve, it's never felt like classic Newgrounds to me, however that can even be described.

This did it. Not to say you haven't improved, you have... while the animation has never been the centerpiece of your work, it has become more dynamic and interesting looking, but this has the same kind of, I don't know, heart? That I've come to expect from your work and the olden days of Newgrounds. Thanks for making me feel that again.

Missed your videos.... though I do find myself somewhat disappointed that the human hadn't been murdered.

Bobert-Rob responds:

That'd be a strange way for me to end it.

It's been a long time, friend. So many years later and your videos still make me laugh like an idiot.

I watched your videos when I was a stupid kid just joining the internet and now, in two weeks, I'm going to college. I could drown in the sheer amount of nostalgia this gives me, but I'm glad you finished this. It's nice to see you're still kicking.

Five years Bob. Five years.
I watched your cartoons when I was 13 Bob, I'm an adult now Bob.

Five whole years.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Five entire years. 1,825 days. Like srs.

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Jun 24, 2015
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