Karyukai - part 1 of 2

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Help Akimi navigate her way around Kyoto, Japan. Having trouble? Type "japan" for a hint on where to click.


that's my save code 2812 for karyuki

I've been playing these shark games for now well over 10 years or so and a few things need to be said.

1. The writing is better than average most of the time, but when its convoluted its really convoluted.

2. The art hasn't evolved much since the first office girl game, once it was considered decent but now there are many more games of similar nature with far better art and animation.

3. I'm guess because Shark is French all the girls are hairier than a Wookiee, not really a complaint just not my cup of tea so to speak.

4. Because the writing sometime flies in the face of common sense for example Akimi being more or less forced into this new line of work, the hints system is needed more than ever. For what its worth if you are not going to include a hint code (and be sure to give it out as well) then let people hunt around with the tab button at least.

5. Your save system of codes is simply unacceptable in this date and age even the most basic flash artist on this site can save without level codes.

So in short you've come to the point where its time overhaul your work and bring it up to modern standards, I would also suggest in closing broadening your field of fetishes covered anything from basic sci-fi or tentacles to more extreme stuff like bestiality for example, whatever gets views and good reviews.

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not my favorite, graphics are not good and the game is a little difficult to find your way, forcing one to use the japan code fairly often, maybe try just adding the directions into the game play.

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Jun 24, 2015
2:11 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click