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Red-Head Deception

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***I uploaded the final update. This game was a huge lesson for me, I've learned a lot during the process and I think this matters the most. It was a huge challenge to do this using the free version. Thank you both Scirra&Newgrounds for this opportunity, and thank you all who had the patience to give some precious tips to a newcomer. I will continue to make games and I hope that my skills will get better.

** I made an update which I think it solved the bugs.. Also in-game tutorial and some adjustments to the animations. Sadly I can't add new features to it due to license limitation, but I will try to further improve this version.

*This is my second game ever made, so please don't be too harsh with a poor newbie :) The project is done using the free version of Construct2, so the "100 lines of code" restriction forced me to remove some of the initially planned features (like touch controls), but if it will get good feedback maybe I'll develop it further using better tools. Have fun!

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If I may be so bold as to voice my opinion, I would suggest looking into the free version of game maker. There is no code restriction, plus it's a pretty versatile program for making games in 2D. I'm fond of it at least, but it's up to you.

Aside from that, I really like the art in this, and that castle in the background with the face gets me haha.

DanielCotorogea responds:

Thanx a lot! Well actually I tried GameMaker but my plan for the moment was fast iteration of ideas without watching too many tutorials, focusing my existing skills at game design and graphics rather than coding wich I find very difficult no matter the engine used :D

Thank you for playing it and sharing your oppinions !