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You are AOXXOS, a factory working state of the art robot that has become self-aware and wants to escape from his slavery to freedom.
The only help you’ll have for avoiding the other robots is the hability of jumping while moving (very useful for not being detected) and an hologram double of yourself that can be used for confusing enemies.

Xbox 360 controller supported
Move: Arrow keys / D-pad / Analog stick
Jump forward: Spacebar / A

2015/6/25 Update: Difficulty level selection added

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Good job

really dig the aesthetic, great song by roboguts keeps the game engaging despite the frustration. The game feels pretty great overall!
the AI is really aggressive, which i like, but my brain has a lot of trouble trying to pay attention at two things at the same time plus trying to discern if the AI is faster than my jump dash or if i timed it wrong. could be the fact i'm playing it at 3 am.

so is this whole thing a hologram room to test the robots abilities? cause these first few levels are too neon and flashy to be an office or lab for the robot to escape from. Is he forever stuck no matter how much he tries? would i get my answers if i beat the game?

Convincing the pope to join ISIS is easier then playing this game. Too hard.
But the music/sound is good =). Not very original tho - plenty of games like this out there. 3.5/5

I love the music. I love the innovation of the concept you used. What I don't like is the horrible AI of the robot you have to avoid. This game caused a lot of cheap unfair deaths simply because of the AI.

The big big big program is that the floating droid does not consistently follow the hologram. It will, for God knows why, suddenly turn around and float away. All at once it loses interest in your hologram, for no reason at all. It has caused me to spend way too long on levels, because I'm spending 10 or 15 minutes trying to bait the robot to go after my hologram when it refuses. It's like it almost seems too smart to know that hologram isn't me. So I'm either waiting for long periods of time for the droid to go somewhere else in the level, try to sneak around it and inevitably get caught, or I finally get the droid to follow my hologram yet all it once, it loses interest, spots me (even though its back is turned to me), and shoots me. Bam, I'm dead.

That's another thing- half the time the bullets phase through the blocks. This is very over powered and shouldn't be a thing. I want to say it's a glitch, because it doesn't seem to happen all the time but maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention to the trajectory of the bullets.

Again, I love the concept, but the AI desperately needs tweaked for the game to actually be fair and function well. I'm hoping you will make these tweaks so I can enjoy the game more.

jsanjuan responds:

Maybe I must explain this within the game:
-The enemies will follow the player/hologram to the last place they saw you. If they reach that place and sees nothing they will return to their normal guard.
-If they are following the player/hologram and they see (360º) another player/hologram they'll start shooting and chasing the last they spotted, forgetting the previous one.
-When the hologram gets some bullet hits It'll stop working for some seconds (will distort and the enemies will notice that it is a trap).

Thanks for the feedback.

I loved the mechanics in this game. Iliked how you made it so that you have to pay attention to your clone as well as yourself.

jsanjuan responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it.