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Bounty Dungeon Escape

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Author Comments

You’re trapped in a castle dungeon,you must find some hidden useful objects to combine them help you escape out.Good luck! This is a room escape puzzle game,you need find some hidden objects and solve some puzzles to escape this room, have fun!

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I was frustrated by the last puzzle with the colored papers- when I used the walkthrough it wouldn't open with the combination.. It was a good game up until then.

Escape games can also get too complicated. It's nice with some shorter ones. Thanks for that experience!

Nice and short!
Why was there a Person Standing behinde the second last gate?

Cute. Solveable without hours of trial and error. I'm gonna agree with M-Class, I only caught the 3-digit code by accident, but that was my failure, not the game's.

Nice graphics. Very nice job on this.

I enjoyed this escape game although it was rather short and easy. Graphics are nice! It's intuitive to use a sword to search for objects.

Keep up the good work, @Kai3114.