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Mi nena

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My baby tells the story of a single mother and her young daughter living day to day can imagine many comic scenes like watching your favorite show on television, tantrums, games, cooking, going to the garden, knowing Mom's suitors and many things that a child of four years can do to rejoice life


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This fanime still needs more polishing in terms of the graphics department.

Try to understand your characters and drawn objects as an individual three-dimensional entity.

Carefully observe your subjects before drawing.

You may need more reference material beside anime for your drawings.

Borrow off of multiple sources including real life observation.

You also gotta pay close attention to creating effective character poses.

Your characters will not only express emotions in the face but body language speaks volumes too.

Do whatever is needed to work out the poses in each drawing.

Act out the poses, have friends act out the poses and use toys of your characters if possible.

You could create clay toys based on your drawings.

You could even have a friend help you with brand new character designs.

I personally think character designs that deviant away from anime would work for this cartoon.

Try applying more of your own twist onto the anime art style.

Be sure to create a kick ass new animation and enjoy the process of creating new submissions.

I hope this review guides you towards a more successful direction.

Best luck on your journey to success.


FotAnimaciones responds:

thanks very complete

It is a fanime and it shows, but not in a bad way. Here is somethings you did well:

-You keep colors and art consistant
-The atmosphere is bouncy and fun
-It feels like you have a passion for this story and that is amazing

Here are the things you could work on:
-The lines, it suffers from what I like to call: Ms Paint syndrome. (Lines that are pixelated and crude)
-The animation is the weakest part since it doesn't have many frames and is repetitive.
-Lastly, the character expressions, they don't change for more than a few times, especially the mother which scares me. I don't demand that they change every moment (that's impossible) just that they move more frequently.

Final Verdict:
It is pretty okay for a fanime. The character designs are indeed charming and so it the idea. We all got to start from some where and this is a pretty decent one/

FotAnimaciones responds:

thanks but i love pixel lines