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Spiderman Hidden Numbers

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Author Comments

Are you a Spiderman fan? If so this is the game for you. In this hidden number game there are three challenging levels that you need to complete. Your task is to find the hidden numbers using a magnifying glass. Good luck have fun.

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This thing sucks, it's boring, the Coolgamesforkids.com intro thing is too long. The numbers were a bit hard to find but that doesn't mean it's good. Next time, get some artists, producers,coders, designers and TRY to make a game. It's not easy to find a crew OR make a game, but with enough effort you may be able to create a better game. It DOES cost moneyz to make a good game, but nothing is free. Until you make a better one, I will NEVER return to this one.

So boring

the first thing that came to mind "what were you thinking?". making a game is hard, but this wasnt even an attempt.. you took poesters/screenshots(havent seen the movie) and hid some colored numbers in them.. kids now a days, despite the age, are more into games about controlling characters or solving puzzles..

ok, so im gonna take this game serious enough for a review.. let's start with the start, the intro/ sponsor site of CoolGames for kids were WAY too long and it didnt even load untill the animation were done playing.. it wouldnt be a problem if the game were loading while the animation were playing. or not having the animation there at all because the logo with a link to the site is always in the corner..

the game play is redonded and overused on alot of "spammed" sites thats always adverticed when looking for internet games, and chance is that alot of gamers or just bored people, have already playd something similar so many times that they just get annoyed of something like this. thats not really a problem, tho..

the REAL problem is, that you've taken content from something that carries copyright to a company and uses they'r franchise to get attention. you are not wasting our time by throwing this up here, you've wasted your own time, putting this together.. which is a real shame, cause there are indie companies out there that need coders and help with games.

games like this is something noone want to play to make time pass or anything, and adverticing a site on this type of game is just bad reputation you're giving them. and having it on newgrounds, is not gonna win you any awards or give you any good reputation..

i want to say something good about this, but the only thing that came to mind, was that i actually had a lil hard time finding some numbers, so i understand you put some effort into this, but heres the contradition: not being able to find a target causes annoyance and stress.

i really hope you take it in and learn from your mistake. cause the way you do things with stuff like this is unethical and you are ultimately wasting your time. if you really want to make a game, get some training and make something you're burning for. if you dont think its worth the effort, then you shouldnt be making games in the first place. hars but honest

The "hidden numbers" genre has seen so many games that you would have to strive hard to make such a game any original. And the way this one was made is quite unoriginal : just numbers typed on the image, basically... It has been seen thousands of times, sometimes in much more interesting variants, and nothing (sound or visual effects) comes to balance the relative boringness of searching for that last number. I'm sorry, but it's a "meh" to me.

Credits & Info

0.23 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2015
7:03 AM EDT