The Fire method - a Gentlemans Guide to Bitch Hunting

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Gather round, sirs and gentlewomen!
This visual spectacle is nothing less of indispensable to any players in the big game! Hunting season is afoot, and the damsels are most certainly distressed!
Gentleman is on the prowl, using his infinite swagger and cunning to lay some mighty fine wenches!
Join along, learn from the champion and see which fine specimen Gentleman will conquer next!
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Kaya Kure, Producer, story, idea, compositor
Frederik Boye; Music
Danni Nielsen; Animator
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Finally, a genuine tutorial on picking up women in the most gentlemanly way possible!

KayaKure responds:

Haha - Exactly! We need more Gentlemanly men like this!

That is genius! I will have to make sure to have a spare firefighters outfit around now.

Excellent facial expressions on Gentleman, and the extinguisher scene was badass looking. Nice work!

KayaKure responds:

Haha, sounds great! You'll never know when you'll need it - for the sake of dating!

Thank you so much! It's so nice to get feedback like this! We love it, keep it going!