The 10 Amazing Facts Shirt!

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rushed on this oops :( (note to self: never do backgrounds and lip synching in the last 2 hours before the deadline) here's my NATA entry! (I hope you find SOME entertainment value in this animated atrocity).

all sound effects are from soundbible.com\

watch the cartoon on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzbNPl4fGfQ

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The idea was awesome! I really liked how you didn't read all of the facts, because that would've gotten pretty boring. I wish the video was a bit longer though, to see what other troubles the shirt would get the main character into.

SleepDeprivedChicken responds:

Thanks! Your entry was pretty good as well! You know, if you're curious about what the other facts are on the shirt, you can check out the cartoon on Youtube (I posted a link in the description) and pause around the 1:28 mark at the right moment to read all 10 facts. They're not really "other troubles", just silly filler nonsense. :)

This was pretty nice! You're really improving with your art style there, bud!

SleepDeprivedChicken responds:

Thanks dude, I really appreciate hearing that! I still need to get better at writing stories though haha.

Splendid way to use the theme, also the animation was pretty clean, keep it up!

SleepDeprivedChicken responds:

Hey, thanks man! I really liked your entry as well! (especially the voice acting), I wish you luck in the novice round!