10 Amazing Monster Facts [NATA]

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Tonight on Moonlight Tonight we shall tell you 10 amazing facts about monsters, some we all and love and some you've never heard of. This was also a step out of my comfort zone animation wise as I normally don't do puppet animation. I need to do more of it to keep improving upon it.

My entry for NATA 2015

Youtube version: https://youtu.be/iq5Kr6CqjvQ

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I liked it

interesting, and fun, werewolfs are cheap knockoff of vampires anyway, because as it says vampires turn into both wolf and bat. and if your bitten by one, your only truly turned after you drink blood and there is a cure where you don't have to kill the main vampire, Bela Lugosi in one of the movies he was in played dracula, i recommend his version of dracula, plus dracula has to sleep in a coffin containing soil from his homeland of transylvania, or he will die, and he also of course can't stand daylight.....................................

good job/