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GemCraft Chasing Shadows

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GemCraft is a unique tower defense game, where, instead of towers, gems are your main weapons to fight the endless hordes of monsters coming for you.

Place your gems in either towers, traps, or amplifiers, replace and switch them as you want, combine them to create more powerful gems with various abilities, drop them as gem bombs or activate powerful buildings, the possibilities are endless, the choice is yours!

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That was fun killing monsters with gems!

The core mechanic is just as good as you remember from this classic game frachise, but unfortunately the gameplay experience this time around has been carefully balanced to be deliberately anti-fun, all in service of the monetization model.

- Every video game review in 2019

really a loading screen for an game thats 1 kilobyte wow!

I would buy this game, but it lacks Linux support on Steam, even though this "demo" works fine in-browser.

Okay. Playing 68 fields, quite a few on Glaring, and I've been at this for nearly a month. I think it's high time I wrote a review.

The 9x speed was a very, VERY welcome feature, but of course, it tests one's reflexes. I also like the new additions to the good old Gemcraft gameplay that we know and love.

The difficulty spike on Vision fields is unnecessary. Or if it REALLY were, then it should be recommended to us what level we should be at.

The music is so ambient and beautiful, and very chilling. I also like the addition of the journey notes; it gives greater depth to the story than in previous Gemcraft games. It makes it so personal.

What irks me the most is that this is a demo, and some levels are inaccessible to us unless we get it on Steam. That makes it a blatant rip-off. Labyrinth did not have any of this bullcrap; even if you had limited features, you still had a sporting chance with every level.