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Watch Me Draw: HD Survives Cupcakes

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Jun 17, 2015 | 10:44 PM EDT
  • Turd of the Week June 24, 2015

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Author Comments

In this I go through all the steps as to how I make a pony.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

This video could use alot of work and I understand you had alot of feedback already with the problems in this speedpaint. Try not to take the feedback so negatively but an opportunity to improve. Unfortunately I do agree with most people here so this is a zero from me.

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TwiDash-FTW responds:

I don't take it negatively. I know how to do thess things that they suggest, I just wanted to be there y'know? I know people cqn interact with me in the comments and such, but some people don't really like that so I made this video. I was just talking, sometimes I spewed out random facts of how I did this or that but other than that that video was just me showing you how long it takes me, personally, to draw and I just talked so there so no loss of . . . . . Entertainment.


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Friend, I recommend you wait until you get a tablet with a pressure sensor, and instead of having a 60 minute video on how to draw a pony, while constantly getting off topic, you should have it as a speed draw with words on a screen describing what you're doing. If that's not your style, have it be a speed draw and make an audio recording of what you're doing and how to do it, then overlay the audio on the speed draw. Just some ideas. It would make your videos less lengthy, more informational, and generally more appealing.

TwiDash-FTW responds:

I can't get a drawing tabket and I don't want it! I KNOW how to make speedpaints. I wanted to be ther not just some words on the screen! I get off topic because I want my viewers to KNOW me like nobody else. I want to BE different! I don't want to dk what everybody else would do. I knlw that it lengthy, but it is still worth a shot.


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keep on drawing im sure you'l get better:P you should invest in a drawing pad wayyy easier then a mouse:3

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TwiDash-FTW responds:

Hehe I don't think I could afford one, and I like drawing with my mouse, it makes it difficult.


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While speed draws are allowed, this is very slow and waaaay too long. I'd suggest making it into a speed paint; your screen capture software should have that option. But as for this, I can't get behind it. It's just way too long and drawn out, and I'm not sure it even qualifies as acceptable Newgrounds material.

One author who does a lot of speed-paints is mysticskillz:

If you'd like to see some speed draws in action, watch some that he's put up. Also, hang out on Newgrounds a while and learn what we do here. that way, you'll have a better idea of how we do things, and what will go over well. :)

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TwiDash-FTW responds:

I know how to do speedpaints, but this was something very special. I would've sped up me drawing the black outline but my editing program doesn't allow that so I was stuck with this. I know it is slow, but I wanted people to see HOW I draw these things without it being so fast and I wanted to explain. Sometimes I did get distracted but It's still acceptable knowledge for some people. I appriciate your concerns, but I think I'm good right now.