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Pleased to be raping you today!
Black TooF, TSA, Terrorist 1: Lyric Richardson


I've been waiting so long for this. Worth it

MACception responds:

Sweet deal! Glad to have met expectation :) Hopefully you like the next one just as much!

The jokes you used were tired, but since they were at least well placed I give 3 stars. I still enjoy TooF videos and I would give you more credit. Many TooF videos have a lot of viewers. I think an audience will return if the material is updated.

MACception responds:

Very, very true and I couldn't agree more. I scripted this with a buddy and I thought the Iowa bits were pretty classic but the whole airport terrorist stuff isn't getting the love it doesn't deserve.

Live and learn. I've got some stuff in the works for a few more episodes, as well as a couple different whole concepts. We'll see what sinks and what floats :) Almost certainly I'm going to release another TooF within a week though.

Thanks for the review!!!

Funny as always! Glad to see the toofs (toofs? tooves?) back!

And some of us like the blooper material =>

MACception responds:

TeeF :D

Thanks! Hey, not everyone finds the same things funny, right?

lost half a star lost cause you showed your face lol

MACception responds:

Lol, thanks for only docking one half star for that... I know it was brutal :P

Fun stuff, pretty good writing except for the part where you do the "hehe muslim bombs on airplanes hehe" joke which got old 10 years ago. If you're going to use jokes like that at least make sure they aren't stale.

Also, adding 8+ minutes of audio as "blooper" material is bullshit and you know it. Just saying what everyone else is thinking.

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MACception responds:

You know what? Your first statment couldn't be more true, man. I was sitting here for a bit thinking to myself if my finger lost the pulse of what was funny but my roommate had mentioned that the terrorist part felt dated.

You're both right. It is. I was over thinking that there might have been more wrong than just a stale script this time around. I appreciate your honesty and need to take a couple more shots at what I think is funny before considering that maybe I don't know anymore :P

As for the extra stuff at the end... It's not like I got a bonus for it being longer or anything. I used to hear that people enjoyed the bloopers and commentary more than the actual episode so that's why I included it. If you didn't like it, you always had the option to close out the screen :) Maybe I should stop including that at the end... But we'll see if anyone asks for it.

Again though, thanks for the insight!

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3.71 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2015
9:07 PM EDT
Comedy - Original

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