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Vilmonic is an artificial life simulator sandbox game that takes place in a lonely distant future. You are the last caretaker of the final few life forms on the planet. Protect each animatroid and fungolite species, analyze their DNA, selectively breed new species, craft tools and buildings, dig rivers and make new islands, find ancient tech, and fend off the mindless haywire zombitons...

Craft Farm Breed Evolve!


● A living, breathing world with evolving life forms that have their own unique genetic code, morphology, physiology, and behavior

● Breed animatroids and farm fungols for specific traits

● An ever-growing list of craftable structures and tools, each with a subtle and not-so-subtle impact on the world

● Treasure hunting, dig up relics from the past, some are useful, many may just be junk

● Toxic waste barrels, use them to drastically increase the mutation rate of creatures in the world

● Roads and "driving" mode to help speed up long distance traveling

● Craftable beverages that have different effects on your avatar (and your pets)

● Endlessly customizable avatar

● Mellow, slow paced game play. You can dive in and manipulate every aspect of your world or just sit back and watch it grow

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Vilmonic is now on Steam!
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is there some kind of commentary here about humans/ civilization destroying nature?
anyways, the sound is great, graphics are simple but clear, and the game seemed to have very few glitches. i tried making some fenced in areas with multiple types of mushrooms and elevations, some shallow water, etc, but my animatroids kept dying no matte what i did. i tried making bigger areas and ran into the same problem.
resources were fairly easy to accumulate, but i liked the crafting. i hope there will be more blocks and more recipes soon.
i found that whatever was left in the crafting window would carry over from one save to the other, so if i wanted to start a new world with all the best tools i could do so by keeping them from another world. this didnt really make a huge difference because the stuff was all easy to get anyways, but you might want to look into that.

this is really awesome, but it seems a bit hollow for now. maybe think about adding more dynamic soundscapes based on the flora and fauna nearby, and then the game would have a little bit more of a purpose.

another idea i had was to set an actual goal to work towards besides preservation and reproduction or maybe have new game modes where different goals can be chosen in a time restraint or with limited starting animatroids and fungolites. maybe there could be specific chemicals or materials you can extract from only certain species, and then the goal could be to create a medicine for a sick significant other, or something along those lines.

something has to be done about wall placement. if you dont have a hammer yet, it's easy to accidentally put a wall in the wrong place or to trap yourself on the wrong side of a barrier because you dont always choose which side you move to after placing it.

anyways, this is a really cool game. i hope it gets some more meat on it in the near future.

bludgeonsoft responds:

Thanks so much. The crafting inventory bug is a really good catch. And I do need to fix it so you can't trap yourself building walls! These are great ideas and are all very helpful. More game goals are definitely needed, and more craftable items are coming soon, but next is Toxic Waste (to increase mutation rates). - Markus

This game seems to me to be a better Minecraft and were all talking of an icomplete game! i cant wait till it's totally done and id like to suggest something: perhaps you could make the northern part all snowy and the southern more 'tropical', then we could have dry cold, dry hot, wet cold and wet hot!! not only mess with umidity, but with temperature as well.

bludgeonsoft responds:

Hmm, this is a good idea. I don't make use of temperature at all right now. I like the notion of different climates...

I love this game, I just spent 5 hours doing absolutely nothing productive on this game besides getting max amounts of fences and water bombs! After actually following the rules and trying to keep all my species alive (as many that didn't off their self), I decided to blow away all land and destroy all possible fences, walls, glass things and such to be replaced with nothing but a vast watery expanse. However I seem to have encountered either a glitch, or I simply made a species that is resurrected when it dies, immediately when the health hits 0 fertility, nutrition, and health go to 100% and it spawns another one and then dies.
Constructive stuff: If there were more ways to control the animals and less of just" kill zombies and plant stuff" sort of game play. I agree with a prior user that the tutorial tells you more of what yo can do, and less of what you're supposed to do. Having a diary of how food and environments effect species would be useful, maybe even an explanation of what each "scientific" name means. As well as being able to look at prior species after they've gone extinct, and perhaps a diagram of their development could be cool. I feel a little disappointed that the fungus didn't get their own evolutionary tree, I enjoyed farming for and hour and a half to record each species I could. All in all however, this is a fantastic game with even more incredible potential still untapped. Kudos to you!

bludgeonsoft responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I love the diary idea, and agree that more info on the environments and species would be very helpful. Also, being able to look at extinct species needs to be in there! - Markus

A really fun game. It's mostly a prototype right now, I'd suggest this is more of a playable demo of what's in the game so far. Vilmonic has a lot of potential; just by looking at the "things to come" portion, it's clear this game is going to infinity and beyond.

This is more of a review of future content than current content. There is SOOOO much potential in this game and I'll be regularly checking for updates!

I got this error when I tried to play your game. I'm using Google Chrome with Unity enabled and my specs aren't the problem.

1High res timer IS available Game
2$$$ App.start vilemonic version 0.13.01 App
3Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document. in file vilmonic.js on line 358:791
Error: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document.
at Error (native)
at Object.App.storage (http://uploads.ungrounded.net/alternate/875000/875339_alternate_22444_r4.zip/vilmonic.js:358:791)
at Object.App.loadPrefs (http://uploads.ungrounded.net/alternate/875000/875339_alternate_22444_r4.zip/vilmonic.js:337:820)
at Object.App.start (http://uploads.ungrounded.net/alternate/875000/875339_alternate_22444_r4.zip/vilmonic.js:334:2420)
at http://uploads.ungrounded.net/alternate/875000/875339_alternate_22444_r4.zip/vilmonic.js:4972:33
at http://uploads.ungrounded.net/alternate/875000/875339_alternate_22444_r4.zip/vilmonic.js:4975:2

bludgeonsoft responds:

Vilmonic is not able to access your browser's localStorage, which is used to save games and preferences. This problem can be caused by blocking access to cookies. Blocking access to cookies on some browsers can also block access to localstorage.

You can try temporarily turning cookies on to see if it helps. Vilmonic will play fine without localStorage, but no progress will be saved. You can manually export your game by right clicking or long clicking on the settings button (with the globe icon) and choosing "Export/Import..." from the menu.

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3.23 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2015
5:44 PM EDT
Simulation - Pet / Buddy