ParadoXa Episode I

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Alvaro, a young man holding a dark secret goes to live with his grandmother, a seemingly innocent old woman who happens to hold an ancient horror in her house. (the default language is spanish but in youtube it has english subtitles)

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the harsh review wasnt necessary i think.
that Fenris guy didnt even give you constructive critisim for you to even improve upon
so i wouldnt listen to it. i liked this
but newgrounds doesnt take real movies in good stride. more or less its "you tube material"
so if you want to know why you dont get the nicest comments its because its a real life movie

Forsakenn responds:

well thank you, it's good to know there's still good people around, if you liked what you saw follow me on youtube, we're about to end the first season of this series https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCINde1SLtc2hqU2DxJfNJEw/feed

I think it's ok, but you should consider to add subs here, and maybe do some brightness correction

No creo que tu video sobreviva aqui en newgrounds, este sitio fue diseñado para animaciones, la gente quiere animaciones, mas haya de algunas de als actuaciones, el video estuvo bastante cool, me hizo verlo hasta el final sin perder interes, pasame tu canal de youtube para seguirte desde ahi, pero trata de reservar newgrounds para animaciones y contenido flash.

Forsakenn responds:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCINde1SLtc2hqU2DxJfNJEw/about aqui esta el link del canal, me imaginaba que para esto no era NW pero queria llegar a mas gente