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Lizard Man

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Author Comments

In the days before the internet, pump-and-dump penny stocks weren't a very lucrative scam. Help Lizard man scam unsuspecting stock-jockeys by following them home and whispering which phony market they need to invest in in their ear while they sleep!

Note: This game was meant to be played with an Xbox gamepad, keyboard controls aren't as responsive as they should be.
press A before any other prompted input (Otherwise it won't register input)

Arrow keys or D pad: move
up arrow or A button: jump
Do a thing: Z or Right Trigger
down arrow/ down D pad: crouch for high-jump (Must be set to doing a thing)
wall jump with left or right

Don't, what's wrong with you, IE is poop, stop!
In all seriousness though, I just ran this using IE, and things would load out of order, and slowly, and platform states would remain solid, even if they weren't supposed to. I haven't tested it using safari or firefox, but I can guarantee on chrome it runs smoothly.

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This game was certainly deceptive. It had some good creativity, though. I was confused as to how this worked on the second level. It was certainly unpredictable. I just can't even wrap my head around phasing out. The music was fairly good. What did this have to do with lizards?

Well, I didn't get far enough into the game to find out. I pressed Z and it seemed to work. It was weird how you got stuck. I probably should look into it more. Then again, I'm not that interested.

The only problem is that when I loose the game I have to refresh the entire page in order to play it again

Nice idea, nice graphics, a lot of glitches, i have no idea what makes me double jump... You need to go more slowly and teach the player to do what he needs, the double jump is a key in the game to keep the player captured, also is not nice to be trapped in my closed eyes wall, it looks like a bug unless that allows me to do something. Anyway it was decepting that the objective is to stop moving xD nice wokr

UrnSudden responds:

I had a lot of trouble with placing the character in each level because the tilemap for the platforming bits was to be above the character (Unfortunately I hadn't found out about selecting individual layers and the preference to be unable to select elements of separate layers until the latter half of level design), so I temporarily set it below the character, and by the end of it, whenever I'd place the character back in the layer below the platform's tilemap, the character would be invisible at all times :/
I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to solve the problem without adding another layer--Which I couldn't because I'd had too many layers at that point (If I'd come into it with a plan laid out I probably would've been able to do it, lol)
So I'd left the character in the layer above it, leaving it looking unpolished. Blah
I definitely should've made more of a tutorial-esque level set though. Thanks for the review :D

The arrow keys & movement animation felt smooth, but the jump controls felt very finicky, unsure whether to jump high or not. This made the platforming quite difficult and somewhat frustrating. You have, however, created quite an atmosphere with this. From the opening animation to the background "music", the atmosphere is creepy and solid.
I stopped jumping to write this review, and got the "congratulations" screen. I guess that's a game over? Very odd . . .
As a fellow jam entrant, I must ask, how is this about deception. I couldn't really finish, so is there more to the story later that ties in this theme?

UrnSudden responds:

Is it regarding the crouch to high-jump thing? When I'd initially tried to set it up in "open-eye state", the animation wouldn't trigger because of a boundary box malfunction, and I couldn't for the life of me find out why, so I'd decided to lemonade, haha. The high-jump only works while you're in "closed-eye state". The platforming was intentionally frustrating, and the last level is unbeatable, so that when you're like "THERE'S NO PROPER END? I HATE YOU AH!" and you scroll down to tell me that (I banked on 90 seconds being a healthy time without input), and find out that you were hindering your win-state the whole time by progressing through the levels. Multi-layered deception-- Deceiving the player twice. Once with the game description, and once with the presumption that there's a conventional win-state.

I see what you mean with the high jump being weird--I made this with the free edition, so I couldn't put a break in the "or" blocks of the event sheet where the gamepad would be used--that may be the issue, I'm not sure.

Is the "Congratulations" screen a weird troll move, or did I accidentally triggered the ending by just trying to land on that right platform in level 2?
Anyway, hmmm... What a weird game. Nearly unplayable to me, but with a nice atmosphere.

UrnSudden responds:

It must have been the script getting tangled up or something, haha. I dunno, I feel like Construct2 is wonderful for simple mobile games, and learning the basics without learning the coding, but when you try to step outside of the formula, things can go awry.

Credits & Info

2.84 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2015
6:50 PM EDT