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Dubstep Cat & Obamouse Save The World!

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*** Dubstep Cat is Front Page featured on Newgrounds for June 2015! Thank you Newgrounds ;)

This is the story of Dubstep Cat & Obamouse. Join them as they do battle against the evil forces of Kim Jong Un. Power up to destroy Psyborgs, Dennis Rodman's Head in a Nike, and the Illuminati. All while avoiding swiss cheese throwing stars in an epic battle to save the world!


W - moves up

S - moves down

Space - fires, advances screens

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This is freaking amazing

codemonkey77 responds:

Thank you sooo much!

I have to give you a bunch of credit, I mean this game is creative, funny, and I totally didn't expect it, which means more points to you! I love the audio and it's overall nicely made and has a fun factor. Like others have said, maybe a "never-ending" mode with infinite life and other powers would make this a 5 star game. Other than that nice!

I'd give you high praise just because of how well you took a ridiculous premise and make it funny. The game also play fairly well, so there's that too. I still don't get why the swiss cheese throwing stars come up though.

codemonkey77 responds:

Thank you, and the swiss cheese stars come from Kim Jong's addiction to swiss cheese ;)

This game is awesome!!!

codemonkey77 responds:

Thank you so much for playing!

5 *'s for novelty - lovable iconic characters and funny premise. Love the pixel art :-D

codemonkey77 responds:

Thank you, I'm so happy you enjoyed playing!