Stick Fight

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Use left and right arrows to attack.
If you fail to hit someone with an attack you will get staggered for a brief moment.

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good game need a hit zone

good job

Its a copy of One Finger Death Punch

Maybe is a big One Finger Death Punch rip off
But the cool things about this one is:
-Directly to survival (that in my opinion is the best way to play)
-Moves flows really good
-The "Pow", "Kapow" stuff XD
-And obviusly... it's free :D
But the original One Finger Death Punch has:
-More music
-More kind of enemies
-More stages
-The "gray bar" that tells you when you can punch and when not, to wait for the enemie, an essencial part of the game, without it is a little bit harder

So... I'll keep playing this one, 'cuz I really love it, same as One Finger Death Punch
The only 2 thing I can say to you is:
-Seriously?, Stick Fight?, there can be way better titles XD
-And, the HP, tho... is awesome to try to see how many enemies I can beat with a single one, but I want to control the HP :T

Awesome, 4.5 stars :D

Before I get into this, let it be known that I've never played One=Finger Death Punch. I therefore know only enough about it to know that this is indeed a version of that game. I cannot, however, draw any comparisons between the two, so everything I say, I say about this game and this game alone.

Now that that's out of the way, firstly: I really like the gameplay. It's immensely satisfying, watching my little stick fellow dash all over the place, splattering the crap out of his enemies. The controls are nice and simple, making the game quick and easy to pick up. The environment is visually pleasing as well, and isn't something I'll tire of looking at quickly.

If I have one complaint, it's the weapons. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have all those options for murdering these faceless foes, but it'd be even nicer if those options felt like... well, like options. Aside from aesthetics, there is no difference at all between the various weapons. They even make the same slashing sounds when they hit--even the ones that are supposed to be bludgeons. I would love it if each weapon was a little different--if some slowed you down just a tad, while others allowed you to move quickly. If some had better reach than others, or if each had a special attack of some sort.

Hell, even if you still wanted to stick with aesthetic differences yet keep them functionally the same, that'd be fine--just add a little variety. Different visuals, different sound effects, different killing blows... Say, for instance, a flaming sword that trailed fire and made enemies explode gloriously when you killed them with it, or a lightsaber that emitted that trademark hum and sliced your opponents cleanly in half, or a baseball bat that gave off that satisfying THWACK sound as it clobbered sticks in the head (or the equally-satisfying CLANK, if it's a metal bat).
That's a lot of typing for one minor complaint, I know... Really though, I rather enjoy this game, and I intend to play it for a good while longer.

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4.14 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2015
3:26 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler