Last Invader

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The game is about a space invader sent to destroy the planet's last defenses. The premise is easy: blast your way through enemies and conquer earth! This is a side project I have been working on since early february.

WASD – Movement
Mouse – Shoot
Space – Dodge
Q – Switch weapon
F – Eggbomb
Alternative controls -
Movement – Arrows
Dodge – LeftControl
Switchweapon – LeftShift
Eggbomb – Enter

Update 1.01 -
Added alternative controls for french keyboard
Update 1.02 -
Sponsorship from www.crazygames.com

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Are you bored out of your mind? Don't have any good free games to play? Do you want to just kick back and enjoy destroying waves of enemies? THEN LAST INVADER IS PERFECT FOR YOU!!!

I played this game for a solid half an hour, and I love it! There's a few issues I'll address, but I do recommend it!

The game has good and charming artstyle to fit the epic music in the background. However, the game is pointless without actual fun right? Well this game delivers. Like most other wave survival games, this one pins you against waves of enemies. All of which get more and more difficult. However I love the enemy designs, and I especially liked the epic onslaught of when the enemies send forth their bosses.
The game is exciting and full of action. The weapons are fun too, all unique and with plenty of destruction to offer. The small map keeps you from getting lost, and the sheer feeling of being one against many gives you the feeling of being a stone cold badass!


This game unfortunately suffers from a few small things.
1. the upgrades are ridiculously expensive, and you don't earn a whole lot of points for each round. Not to mention the fact that you'll spend a good majority of your money on repairs.
2. I didn't like how you were forced into your weapons. I was happy with my pierce shot until I spawned right on top a rocket. Also this results in you upgrading in weapons you don't have/need/want.
3. THE ABSOLUTE BANE OF THIS GAME is that when you die, you start over. Now I don't much care that you start at wave one. But all your weapons and upgrades go to. I HATE IT when wave survival games do this. All that work to survive is wiped away and makes you feel like you did everything all for nothing. That's the only problem with this game and it stops it from being any better.

Overall, this game is fun, addicting and is a good game just to kick back and enjoy the onslaught. However with the clean slate after death, this game is halted to a 3.5 stars. I love it, and I'll be playing for a while, but with that death mechanic, I can't give it any higher.

Great art, programming, music and includes all the aspects of a good game, the only problems are easily fixable and I don't really know why you included them. Like you have to uncheck "mute sounds" to mute sounds, and while you have a mute music and all sounds, there's no option for just muting sound fxs. While you have control over the weapons to equip, it's weird how you can switch them if the weapon drops, why can't you let the player use the weapon they want between rounds, and drops only unlock them (also, you can accidentally pick up the wrong item)? Another thing is that game is way to repetitive and the concept is unoriginal, and I only wish the weapons were more balanced...and that you can't equip the same weapon twice (I lost by having two flamethrowers, which is pretty much guaranteed hits from the enemies upon usage.

it's all good except for one big issue... it forces you to use other weapons weapons, and doesn't give your previously equipped weapon back after the wave. all the money i spend on upgrading a weapon is just wasted a couple waves after when it's like, forced rockets. it would be actually enjoyable for me if i could use the weapons i fucking want to upgrade.

Great game my mouse sucks so I can't be able to run and gun

Please add some medals! :(

ChrisNordgren responds:

That would be super cool but I need newgrounds API for unity (the game engine I have used to make the game). I don't really know how to make such a thing :(

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4.27 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2015
11:52 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
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