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Game01 Prototype

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June 19th, 2015 Update:

- Fixed: Player dives down only on the initial mouse click, Yay

- Doubled the number of objects that can exist at the same time. Might cause slower performance, but allows for twice as many things to bounce on, and more space to fall before hitting the water

- Bounce strength is increased by falling velocity instead of locked to a set number, so bouncing on the same thing multiple times gets you up higher each bounce

- Stopped everything from automatically falling, to make it easier

- Doubled the frequency of a Star power up appearing

- Tilted the camera upwards while Star power up is active

- Added a beautiful (horrifying haha) temporary intro cutscene for story direction

- Upgraded from Unity 5.0.2 to Unity 5.1.1 (which seems to have introduced brutal audio bugs to webGL, so I turned off the music for now, because it gets so painfully distorted leaving it in makes ears bleed)


This is a Unity game we are working on

Move your mouse to steer, when you click it makes him dive straight down and jump higher


o.o ....................uh-

The game's great, mate, but my brain refuses to understand what the hell I'm look'n at. You get an A for playability and such but...

uh- I think amma go lie down.

Ahib responds:

haha, I don't know what to make of this, but thank you

The art will be improved greatly soon in updates, so please come back in a couple months and see if it's friendlier to your brain :)

While clearly a prototype, this game shows some real potential. The different types of objects the player can bounce on add a sense of dynamic to the game, although the scoring system has some room for addition, unless of course the goal of the game is to simply score as much as possible.

I like what the creator has done here and I would like to see progress as well. The game is very reminiscent of "doodle jump"- esque games commonly found on mobile devices, which is not a sleight against the game. Simple games can be some of the best.

I have given this game 4/5 stars because I think that while it does have a basic idea and feel to the game, there are still many aspects that could be refined. For example, a high score menu showing the player's top scores (locally, not necessarily across the entirety of NG) would be a good improvement, especially if this game is governed by top score. If the end result is to have more of a progression to the story, then perhaps themed levels would be step in the right direction. For example, the third level would want to be more difficult than the first. Enemies, obstacles, and a faster pace would go a long way in making a simple game deceptively addictive.

I hope to check back one day and see a more polished version of this game. If the creator intends to continue work on this little project, I would imagine to see more 4/5 star reviews as well as 5/5 reviews once it is finished.

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Ahib responds:

Thank you skmidge for the encouraging review! I am listening to feedback and working on updates!

I can't give a timeline of when an update will be ready, because figuring out code has been a lot more work/confusing than I thought it would be. But updates are coming :)

Once this game has instructions, more platforms, better controls and a better score screen the game will be good. It needs work and polishing.

Ahib responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I will be updating and polishing it! By better controls what do you mean, like arrow keys?

the music and graphics have me laughing my ass off, but the game play itself needs some work.
it seems like the water rises too fast to start, and the player doesnt really have enough control or enough platforms to bounce on. perhaps think about letting the player jump for a while before the water starts so that they can get the hang of the movement. maybe after the 10th or 15th bounce you could pause for a second and show the water starting to rise then scroll back up to the player. anyways this was definitely worth my time and i hope to see a finished version soon. keep up the good work.

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Ahib responds:

haha, I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the feedback! I'll work on those things, and keep improving it with updates

could use an instructions screen

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Ahib responds:

Okay, instructions, I'll work on that

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2.24 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2015
12:46 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop