Touching Lights

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Touching Lights is a relaxing game about the relationships between lights.
Guide the Blue Light towards the Orange Light with WASD or Arrows.
Touch the Orange Light to regain your fading energy!
The emergent story is shaped by the player’s emotions and past experiences.

After completing a level, it can be played again in endless mode via the level menu.
This really challenges your skills, as it gets progressively more difficult to touch the Orange Light often enough to stay alight.

Touching Lights has beautiful dynamic lighting and global illumination effects.
The music and the reactions from the lights blend into a relaxing soundscape.


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It is surprising how much emotion you cam get out of two fiery balls of gas, but there is, and it is quite strong. The concept is pretty unique, stay in contact with the orange orb for a set period of time to advance, that is great. I really like how each level poses a different challenge.
The music is amazing. It fits the mood and motif perfectly; and captures the struggle of the blue light to a tee. It sounds kind of like something from the guy who made the Salad Fingers videos.
I did notice two glaring problems with the game though, that keeps me from giving it a higher score. One, the controls are a little weird. the inertia from the blue light carries it to the other side of the level, but it didn't seem to matter. Which brings me to problem number two, the game was a bit too easy. The blue light didn't drain all that fast and it was fairly simple to keep it full until the end of the level.
It is sad that the flaws in this game are so pronounced, which keeps it from being a great game, because we could've been playing a masterpiece. If this game was from a first time developer, then he did a fantastic job. For what the game is worth as is, I'm glad I've played it

XilenceX responds:

Thanks for your detailed feedback.
I'm glad that you liked the concept of the game!

I agree with you and would like to improve the balancing of Touching Lights in a patch next week.
So a few more details about this would be much appreciated.
Was there any level that you found challenging enough? Or were all 7 too easy?

By the way, if anyone else wants to chime in on the difficulty discussion that would be awesome as well! Oh and don't be afraid to write if one of the levels was too hard. ^^

Wow... so pretty.

Wow... this is pretty nice!

It's amazing that a game about a pair of radial gradients manages to deliver such a message and good game mechanics; I also love the graphics.

My only complaint is that it took forever to load but that's because my internet's slow lol

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4.50 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2015
4:26 PM EDT
Skill - Other