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Sea Lily Deep Sea Tale

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Song: Sea Lily Deep Sea Tale
Vocal: Kyouka Saejima
Chakras: Zero, Deck
Lyrics: Tosiaki

Wait, please understand
It's nothing, so please don't laugh at my song
A midair stroll's SOS
I, I, I

And now, being coated with ashes
I saw a dream of drinking up the bottom of the sea in one breath

I could merely, in the midst of quiverings, glance at the sky
Interrupting my hand
In remains of the dreams, your weeping,
Toward the corners in the gardens of the bubbles that can't be spat out,
It's being noisy, in the skies of swimming light
Within the words and letters, in the gaps of the waves

You were merely receding away


Please cling on some more now, you'll end up finding out, so
Please don't laugh at my song
You were receding in a mid-sea train
As for tears, there's no way, no way

Begone, if you'll end up going away
Please don't come back here now
Midair stroll and quadruple time
I, I, I


It's been awhile since I uploaded my last PV so heres another~!
Can anyone decipher what's going on? I'mnottoosuremyself
Lol Hope you guys enjoyed and thanks for your support!~ ♥

✦PV Art: http://fav.me/d8wszoj
♫Song Link: https://youtu.be/P2VsmuHCWqw
♥Watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/kJQbJOWZ43Q

Watch on Youtube for better quality~

~Thank you for watching~
dA: http://cutenikechan.deviantart.com/
Pixiv: http://pixiv.me/cutesakura37
YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/CuteNikeChan
Read my webcomic, Chakra here:

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That was a lot of autotune.

Aaah! I love your work!

CuteNikeChan responds:

I'm so glad! ♥

this is a great video. and i read Lindenbree post its sooo cool on how you interpret the song

This was overall an all right AMV. The song a little catchy I guess, but good job on this.

CuteNikeChan responds:

Thank you!~ ♥