[Web Comic] Can't Say Can't

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Self Explanatory. This is old - very old, but I never uploaded it to Newgrounds, so.

Enigmatic Boy: Tomoyo Ichijouji
Izak: Jeremiah "McTricky" George
Miriam: Monistar

Artist: CatViLu

Writing/Dialogue and Music: ProjectTrinity


Great story and voice acting, you should remake this into an animated short.

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Seems to be a simple story when it starts, but you manged to really pull the reader/watcher into your world with a tension that is rising higher and higher the longer we keep watching!
There's a great atmosphere of threat and danger (storm sound in the background!) that is so damn fitting for the whole webcomic!

However, I'm not to fond of the evil boy as the presenter of the "miracle makers" (that's how I call the guys who run this mysterious company). Evil kids are a bit overdone in the horrorgenre, imo. But the voice-acting from all voiceactors is top-notch, no doubt.
Minor spelling mistake: "conscious" (2:07), I'm sure you meant "conscience". Confused me for a moment 'cause I thought they should get unconscious.

You should consider to continue this webcomic. If you need an idea, here's one that flew through my mind while I watched this: Miriam said her son is "deathly ill", Izak only mentions an "unknown illness" that his daughter has. Maybe the company behind the "mircale makers" has caused both kids to get ill. Maybe they need Izak and Miriam for their own secret agenda...

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Poor guy. Love it! I love the drawing.

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Pretty nice, the voices are also rather perfect for it. Do you have more of anything similar somewhere?

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ProjectTrinity responds:

Thank you!

I have a few super short voiced comics and an audio-only short - but they're all of varying moods and arguably less Newgrounds-approved than this story was. Definitely no sequel of any sorts to this short I'm afraid. If this hits a surprisingly amount of popularity, I might be able to convince the original artist to do another round of Can't Say Can't, though! (And my writing has gotten a lot less dodgy since this clip. lol)

The ending was abrupt...and terrifying. Glad you pulled up this old work. Seems strange to me that a psychologist would be such a jerk. Goes to show you shouldnt judge a book by its cover.

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Jun 10, 2015
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