Yonder Ho! - Episode 10

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Yonder Ho! Episode 10 - The Apawcalypse - Part III

Jenemazzi, a girl who despises cats, is now their only hope. Stuff will happen!!

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I feel like this is far too long 37 minutes is way to long for something online to make them better make them shorter like five minutes or 9 minutes. I also find the audio to be pretty bad everyone who talks seems to be to close to the mic. I would also like to see you stick to one animation style have it mach the characters in the show.

Bertn1991 responds:

It's too long, so...1 star. That's your review.

The audio, yeah, I'll give you that one. It could be better. A valid complaint : )

Animation style? I'm afraid you've completely lost me there, Mr. Fish. You didn't explain anything. "...match the characters"? What did you mean? No clue...

I don't mean to be bitter, I'm not mad or anything, but it seems like you didn't even watch it to be honest. You didn't say anything at all about the story, or the characterS, the music, the art, or even a single part of the cartoon you reviewed! A lot of work went into this believe it or not. If you're gonna review something, at least put some thought into it, silly. At least watch it all the way through, man.

I give your review 1 star because too long and writing style didn't match avatar (⌒‿⌒)