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I Hate Castles

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Castles deserve to die. "I Hate Castles" is a small cathartic clicker where you can relieve all that accumulated anger against those despicable aberrations of medieval architecture. Upgrade your cannons and personal weapons until there is not even one stone brick standing.


Made by Ludonium.

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Can't play it :(

It needs more gravity and physics but a good game so 3.5/5

nice try literally fell asleep playing it..you know what you need to do, why do the cannons always look the same when you upgrade? why cant i choose to upgrade certain aspects about the cannon, like dps vs damage, why cant i go back to a previous castle why are there no crits? why cant the cannons sometimes have a larger shot at random for a crit, no power ups? have a power up that boost my damage, there is just a number to show what level my tank is? how about some enemies running out of the castle toward my cannons trying to take them out, i dont know there is tons you could add to this.

At the start of the game, it has that amazing feel to it. One of the bad parts is the slow income, as you have to destroy tiles for a long time just to sometimes get money. And cannons are upgraded faster than clicking damage. Also, the progression is slow and boring in my perspective. But after a while, getting to around level 33 and 35, you're given godly clicking damage for the next 3 levels. At 39, is basically game over. The castle's health is so high you can never damage it even when clicking everywhere, and you cannot gain sufficient funds to grow stronger against the castle.

Welp, at least this game's in Daily 5th Place!

At first, as far as clicker style games go, this seemed like an awesome game. However, the further you get into the game the lazier it seems to get. The health bars break at round 33 and at round 35 The game pretty much hands you ultimate clicker power. For the next three rounds all the castles are pretty much one hit K.O. Then, once you get to round 39 The ultimate clicker game douche move is made and they bring out an invincible castle. Nothing works on it no matter how long you try.

tozy responds:

Thanks! These are known bugs that we will fix in the first update.

Credits & Info

2.49 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2015
5:49 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place June 12, 2015