The Goops (Short #5 - School Day Part 1)

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The teacher is furious at time for being tardy to class.

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The good:
the audio is a nice choice, clear and charming
the backgrounds are nice on the eyes and good choice of warm colours, characters look nice on them

The "what you need to work on":
storywise, its a short, there isn't going to be much story.
however i had no idea that the character was late to class, perhaps it would have helped if the teacher was pointing at a clock to help enforce that.
There was weird frames where the colour of some characters go lighter or darker ? which makes it seem abrasive and look like mistakes.
Some line work wasn't cleaned up 0:08 so just take your time to clean those lines (as all the other characters don't have that issue)

But yeah, draw more inbetweens and keep at it!

acillustrations responds:

Thank you so much for the tips! I'm going to keep them in mind for my next one. I 'm going to try to improve on the visual cues to make the story more understandable.