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Space Incident

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All are alive! 25 Points

Fly to Earth and save the team, but losing shuttle

Almost defeat 25 Points

Fly to the Earth, but to lose a shuttle Dunmer and Jackie in

Do not panic 25 Points

Beat the game never allowing the team member to panic

Goodbye, Dunmer 25 Points

Fly to Earth, to save the shuttle, but lose Dunmer.

Goodbye, Jackie 25 Points

Fly to Earth, to save the shuttle, but Jackie in losing.

Hard move 25 Points

Fly to Earth, but the shuttle and Jackie in losing

Himself to blame 25 Points

Fly to the Earth, but to lose the shuttle and Dunmer

Last live 25 Points

Fly to Earth, to save the shuttle, but Dunmer and Jackie in losing.

No trace 25 Points

Fly to Earth, but losing the shuttle and the entire team

Suffocation 25 Points

Fly to Earth, to save the shuttle, but lose the whole team.

Complete victory 50 Points

Fly to Earth, to save the crew and the shuttle

Complete walkthrough 100 Points

Perform all endings.

Author Comments

Talk with astronauts, choose your answers and remember that your decision is there lifes! 10 different ends of this story and a little bit of psychology in this small interesting game. Fresh vision!

v.4: Some bugs fixed, medals added:)

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I was okay with everything, even not having checkpoints, however, the skip time button is preventing me from playing to get the other endings. I was happy when I was able to use it, however, it seemed to skip over EVERYthing, except just the animations. If the skip time button just was used to fast forward to the next dialogue, then I would LOVE this game.

It is an almost excellent game with great atmosphere. But it fall short in the end. What do I mean?

First, to get the best ending you need to actually goes against the mechanic, to actually let things tears apart. It is not even something 'oh I never think of it!' It... would be rewarding if the talk about AI brings something twisted instead the best ending, because our 'friendly' AI have been abusing the crews to get information.

Second, there is no aftermath to the ending, whichever the ending you get. You just see earth regardless whatever happens. No aftermath words, no... nothing. The replay value is not in getting the ending, the replay value is in seeing all possible discussions by breaking the rocket over and over.

This brings the same critic people have with mass effect 3 I guess, for story so great in player communicating with the life-like NPCs and cinematic events, it end with static images.

Neverthless, I applaud of the artwork, music, and sound in the game that give a very good atmosphere. And glorious writing! I can't create one like this!

j'ai pas tout compris mais c'était très bon dans l'ensemble

It's a fine game. I enjoyed playing it, and I probably would again. I did lose Jackie very early, but who cares about Jackie? Ha....hah.

Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2015
8:28 AM EDT