The Last Day at School

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Bad voice acting is bad. Also, bad Lip sync is bad. ALSO BAD FIRE IS BAD HELP


Voice acting and animation need work. The story is OK.

I really feel like you were channeling @Sirtom93 for that last bit, though.

LightningBolt13 responds:

Thank you, I'm always trying to improve. And Sirtom93? I've never actually heard of that guy.

I instantly knew your drawing style without checking your screen name for reference.

I noticed you are now experimenting with different color outlines for your drawings.

The characters eye shades changed very frequently.

A shift in eye shaped is very effective for conveyance of emotion.

The voice acting can be improved upon by getting more lost in the fantasy.

The drawing of the school house can be improved upon.

I assume you are a student.

The next time, You go to school.

Take out some art supplies and carefully observe the details of an actual school.

Buildings have a lot of interesting shapes in it's overall form.

Each school house has different kinda of building structures and there are different ways to draw any building.

Buildings can be difficult to draw correctly.

You could create many different backgrounds by exploring your school.

Explore your environments and draw what you see.

Reference material exists in the form of reality, other drawings, ect

No matter the selection used for reference material.

Take your time while observing your forms.

Treat certain drawings like a meal.

You eat a meal slowly to appreciate the textures and tastes.

Same rules apply whenever you want to create a more polished drawing.

Train yourself to develop thick skin because a lot of criticism can often be cruel.

Some critics can often be harsh enough to cause you actual stress.

Don't get discouraged since many of these critics can often be jerks.

Get your revenge against these critics by producing new work out of pure spite.

The best revenge is success.

Keep experimenting with your colored outlines, color selection and drawings.

Utilize observation more often for each drawing.

If you are really stuck than other artists may gladly provide assistance.

Do some collaboration with other animators as an opportunity for more practice.

I hope my advice helps you become more successful.

Keep making those new cartoons.

- Mightydein

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LightningBolt13 responds:

Thank you, Mightydein. I'm always trying to improve.. And I do know that I need to start taking reference of my surroundings, reference makes everything look better!

This is very true.... I like the animation, i dont see how the lipsync is bad since its better than mine, and GREAT JOB

LightningBolt13 responds:

Thank you!

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Jun 9, 2015
8:22 PM EDT
Comedy - Original