Playing With Letters

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Comprehension 5 Points

The antonym for incomprehension.

Math 10 Points

Everyone's favorite school subject.

Aibohphobia 25 Points

"I" can't tell you the answer.

Name Calling 25 Points

Evil lives on.

Nag a Ram 50 Points

No clues here.

Riddle 50 Points

Me this.

Locations Revealed 100 Points

For a small price.

Author Comments

SUPER EDIT: The long awaited sequel is now released! If you enjoyed this game, make sure to check it out:


EDIT: Thanks for the frontpage, Tom!

A game about playing with letters, as the title gives away.
The game is as much about the story as it is of the gameplay.



- Enter to fast forward to the next line or to test an answer

- Backspace to skip to the end of a letter, or to delete written text

- Z to proceed

Some of the levels might be a bit difficult, especially the first real one. In most cases, there will be an important hint in the title of each letter.
Remember, some of the words and sentences have underlying meanings.

I would appreciate it if no walkthroughs were written in the reviews.

For more info, click this link:


EDIT: Whoo! Daily 4th place :3

Okay. A ton of people have wanted to know about the secret ending. I have thus far messaged all those people and told them how to find it. However, I figured out an alternate way.
All the people that have beaten the game normally can find an explanation for the secret ending here, as a little extra treat:

The password is the same as the password to beat the game. Only lower case letters, space included (you have to download the document from the link, as it's no longer viewable online).


Thank you for playing, and please enjoy the ride!

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this is a great game. It really forced me to think and study the letters to find the answers. it was also kinda frustrating too though, and I hate the feeling of being stumped or beaten. but it just made it better to eventually succeed. I'm off to play the sequel and am already looking forward to the third.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

It's awesome that you had a good experience playing the game! Yeah, it can certainly stump you for a while, but as you said, that's the only way to get such a satifsying feeling when you do solve something :)
Thanks for playing, and for leaving a review!

I do like this game because of its puzzles and wordplay, but at the same time, I'm not the best at these types of games. A year or so ago, I only gotten the first medal. Then this year, I went back to this game to try and beat it. As you can see, I was on and off at getting the puzzles (The first 'true' puzzle stumped me, Aibohphobia put me for a loop, and the last puzzle I had to use something to find the answer). To be honest, I do not like getting stumped, but I still enjoyed the text-based storyline.

Keep up the good work! This game will probably be helpful as a starting point for me to figure out these types of puzzles in future games.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hey there!

It's cool that you came back to the game, after trying it for the first time, so long ago. Don't worry about finding the puzzles difficult. The game is meant to be quite challenging, and requires some out of the box thinking (as well as googling some words, likely). The last puzzle is so difficult, because it's meant as a reward for the players that paid a lot of attention to the details of the game, meaning that beating it for them is quite satisfactory.
I'm glad you still enjoyed the experience! There are still lots of both easier, and harder puzzle games out there for you to beat, so I with you good luck with that!

Thanks for playing, and thank you for the review :)


LucidShadowDreamer responds:


It takes a while to find games like this on newgrounds. I'm talking about jewels. This game was just amazing. All the tricks you used to answer the riddles and the endings themselves are just amazing. I just wish I didn't have to look up the secret ending because I didn't have the smarts to get it. You must make more. I think I have gotten one of the biggest scared from an online text game at both the ends. You must continue and make longer games.

I can't suggest people play this enough as It is just so good. I played this game for half an hour straight just to get both endings. I love the subtle hints you dropped and how it all tied up. It takes a long time to come up with an idea like this I suppose. Please continue to produce more amazing games in the future!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Don't worry about the secret ending; it's not about smarts, just about random curiosity :)
It's great that you enjoyed the game! Seems you found the sequel too. It's similar, yet different, I dare say. I've still got some plans for the third game, but I won't have time to make it in the near future. But I do have some ideas, so whenever inspiration really strikes, and I have enough time, I'll start the production.

The idea itself originated while I was lying in bed, out of nowhere. But I did spend a fair amount of time developing the rest of the puzzles, while maintaining the story and the atmosphere. Thank you for playing, and for leaving such a motivating review!

Holy shit, this was amazing.
The secret ending is way more frightening than the original, I'm still surprised I actually got it.
This game is a masterpiece!
One of the best games I've ever played on this sight.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm very glad you liked the game. The secret ending is there as a bonus for people who got really into the game, kind of hinting at the sequel :)
So I'm glad you played that one as well!
Thank you for your thoughts ^____^

Credits & Info

4.56 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2015
12:11 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other