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Sugar, sugar 3

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I made a new episode of that sugary and chill puzzle game, it’s sugar, sugar 3 time! You know the deal: draw and get enough sugar in the cups in 30 sweet levels.

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i really absolutely love the sugar series. with all its fun, originality, qualities and flaws. so why no stars you ask? well right now my pc is f*, so i have to use a tablet. with a browser allowing flash gaming, which worked fine up to now with other games on this site and elsewhere. but when i try to play this one here, the mug on lvl 1 is 100 full already, and nothing more happens, the sugar flows, the sound plays, but no jump to lvl 2. now if i can find a way to make it work, i'll gladly edit this and the game gets its well-deserved 5 stars, more if i could. but if this is programmed on purpose so that ppl on mobile HAVE to get the paying app, then my no stars is deserved as it is - i don't see why some ppl can game this here for free while others can't... any advice from the dev welcome

It was great until the game set a limit and would assume I was going to overflow when, when in reality I was ready to "cap" off the cup at the limit. The game just thought I didn't know what I was doing and at 40/100 the game would say I lost, without even letting me try to cut it off. 3 stars for effort.

3 stars for the good idea, had to remove a half for the lack of fast forward or eraser tool (or something similar)

Still no eraser, stil no speed button. BIG NOPE.
I think people have been asking for it since long enough.