The My Little Pony Quiz

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The My Little Pony Quiz is here. Well, at least my version of it.

Just answer all the questions correctly. But, there's a catch. Some questions require insane logic in order to answer it. Because, the concept for the game adapted from "The Impossible Quiz". So you know what that means, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! But, anyways, I hope you enjoy it.

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fuck question 50, took me a few tries and still almost when i figured it out. otherwise this is excellent

JD-Brony responds:

Thank you.

I know Question 50 is a pain, but if it wasn't, then this game wouldn't be much worth uploading in the first place. :P

-0.5 Cause the number 50 is near impossibility

JD-Brony responds:

It's near impossibility, because the question is tricking you a little bit. ;)

Hey JD! Can you teach me how to make a quiz game
P.S. If i make one can you be the beta tester :3

JD-Brony responds:

Well, I can't tell everything in one single post. But, the least I could do for you is to watch some Flash tutorials on how to make a quiz game. Trust me, there are some useful ones out there.

I got my knowledge on this quiz game from a guy called "WhatTheComputer". He's got a YouTube channel. But I'm not sure if his quiz game tutorial is still there. Go check it out.

As for the beta tester thing, I'll think about it for now. Thanks!

Question 50 Was hard

JD-Brony responds:

Really? All you had to do was type.

ahahahahha, I didn't understand anything...... Maybe because I never saw My Little Pony...... How are you going in your new Jessica game? When do you think its gonna be released? And sorry for my spanish in my previous reviews.... i thought you knew the language.... :D

JD-Brony responds:

The next Jessica game won't be coming out soon. Because firstly, I have school now. And secondly, I still don't know how to click and drag items from your inventory.

But hopefully, I can finish it next year by the end of April or during the months after April.

Also, if I have time, I can post some screenshots of the new Jessica game here or on my Twitter account.

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Jun 7, 2015
9:46 PM EDT
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