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Suzy Rabbit can`t handle a huge cock of her boyfriend Max Goof. But her dreamboat mommy is always ready to help :)


16 so what in the country where im from the netherlands its legal to have sex and make a girl pregnant lel rekt amerikanskis!

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Anyone else shake the tits to the beat? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Well, my complaint is really stupid, but I have to say it because it's legit bothering me.
Jessica Rabbit is already an attractive character. I think you got the figure correctly (even if it's a little exaggerated), but the dress. Oh my god, the dress.
Clothes do not suction cup to the body like that. You wouldn't be able to see her belly button and all that through her dress. Not only is it nonsensical, it's...frankly, it's ugly to look at. I think if you had just made the dress more like...how it was in the movie (it's not vacuumed onto her, it's darker in color but with sparkles), it would have a bigger impact on me, personally.
Also, the way Max is just....clutching his fists and standing really still is just jarring with the fluid animation of Jessica.

All in all, it's not the best game coming from this site, but it's nice to not have Max calling her "bitch" and things, like in your other games.

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Make a sequel where he saves Suzy rabbit from the robots! And fuse's her

Gameplay ? Not present, just simple !

Jessica Rabbit has sex with Goofy, oh wow, good idea, really new. ^^

No, naturally more a porn parody than a real adult sex games. But, that was also the idea behind ...

... Jessica is already a classic tale in the modern porn game business. Sometimes hard and strong, dark as a dominant BDSM lady. Sometimes soft, sexy and sweet like here. Well, I would like to say more about this game, but, that's really difficult.

It's fine, that here are no slave, brutal parts and so on are inside. Unfortunately, a real storyline also not. But, okay, the sex in general (all sex scenes) are also nice. Sometimes it has one or two funny moments, but, all in all it doesn't is innovative or any further creative entertainment.

4 stars, okay, because, you can it definately better. And you make, was doing that also sometimes.

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3.33 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2015
3:48 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating