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Spelling Words

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Author Comments

Spelling Words is a new educational word game where you can practice spelling of the most commonly misspelled English words in an engaging and challenging way!

Instructions: The game contains 2 game modes - challenge, where you must try to score as many points as you can by repeating the words on screen and practice mode, where you can practice spelling as long as you want without any time limit.

To type use yours and provided keyboard.

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Well executed, but maybe a little too simple. I found myself a couple times pressing the space key right after writting a word, thus removing the next word before I could ever see it... Also, the "wrong" noise is like 3 or 4 consecutive buzzes, which make me think I made more than 1 mistake. I definitely wouldn't play this game on my phone, though...

Czechoslovakia scared the shit out of me when it came up. Otherwise I like this game.

shajby responds:

Thanks :-) (btw I m from Czech Rep. :))

A few things. First of all, I love that you've got all sorts of words in here. The other reviewer says that many of these words are beyond the reading level of a lot of people today, and I fear he's correct. This is not a good thing. I suspect most of the low ratings on this game came from people who are frustrated by the big words and are more content to be ignorant than to expand their vocabulary. That, or they just have no interest in spelling and vocab. Of course, maybe I'm just a prude, because I know most of the words on here. But God forbid a game is educational, right?

I have a few problems with the gameplay, but they be more my problems than yours. First of all, I when rushing for time, I have this tendency to hit the space bar too fast or an extra time, causing the next word to vanish before I even see it. My fault, but a dumb way to lose.

I'm also not sure I like the idea "5 mistakes and you lose," because when typing fast, one little mistake generally results in a whole string of mistakes at once. I accidentally hit the wrong key, miss a letter, or hit two at once, I generally lose a bunch of tries because I typed the letters that came after the mistake and the game considers those to be further errors. On the other hand, you do haev a buzzer that goes off to warn the player of a mistake, so it's really just a matter of the player being a clumsy typist. So, an expert touch-typer might have no problem at all. Therefore, it's more my mistake than your programming. But that mechanic still frustrated me.

I loved seeing a so many of those cool SAT words, though. Since I do use a lot of them, and many aren't spelled as they sound, it's good practice for a writer like me.

shajby responds:

Thank you for your great comment and feedback, I really appreciate it!

- about spacebar thing - well I understand this can be frustrating but I believe that after some time of practicing you get used to it.

- 5 mistakes - there must be some kind of limit (lives) to prevent people from typing blindly random letters. If you don't like lives and time limit you can always play a PRACTICE mode

The game is... Somewhat Interesting. My large complaint is that the words are beyond the reading level of a lot of people in this day. (No offense intended, Of course.)

I understand that makes it a challenge, of course. So I'll say Solid 3.

shajby responds:

thank you for your comment. (Originally I had there just 3 seconds time limit :-)) If 5 seconds is not enough I will maybe increase it (after some consideration). You can still try Practice mode (without any limit)

Credits & Info

4.59 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2015
4:42 AM EDT