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1. Master of Python 25 Points

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2. Master of PHP 25 Points

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3. Master of Javascript 25 Points

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4. Master of Java 25 Points

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5. Master of C# 25 Points

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6. Master of C++ 25 Points

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Author Comments

Start your programming career as you work your way from batch to C++, from unemployed to a software developer and further in this fun idle game!

Press any key to fill up the bar, spend cash rewards from completing a bar to increase profit, learn new languages, hire new employees and get new occupations!

Hold down the following buttons when buying an employee to buy in bulk
Ctrl – 25
Shift – 100
Ctrl + Shift – 1000

While in any of the tabs holding the alt key will show you your cash and employees.


funny fact: real life programming is less boring than this game.

an Idle game ok to me, need smt more to work with in start, but with the idle game, I think you guys need a timer or some kind to record time player can archieve, playing idle game is fun but at some point it feel pointless

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Would it be better but the start of the game kills it. I literally have to wait, nothing more, just wait until that bad slowly fills to get 2$ and then again wait and repeat the process. It would've been fun if you could actually do something while you're waiting, something that will give you money, but right now the game its kind of boring. Its a good idea, but it needs some updates. I would love to play a better, improved version of this game in the future!

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Start is pretty slow as other reviewer mentioned. No question this has a lot of potential but at the moment you have nothing to do.. Other idle games do that a little bit better.. Also in its current state i am not willing to play it again because it doesnt feel rewarding to play through the whole game. But i think you can polish this game up :) I am looking forward to updates.

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Game is very slow and has nothing to offer, the fact that I dislike idle games doesn't help the situation either.

Perhaps add minigames that you can play to increase the slider, be imaginative!

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Credits & Info

3.12 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2015
10:10 PM EDT
Simulation - Job