A Stench of Giraffes

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Create the correct conditions to defeat the Protozoans. Every choice you make shapes the narrative. Replay to reach the desired outcome.


In parts Funny, erotic, smart even geeky game, worth a play. How many ending it has? Medals with each ending and such would have been great.
P.S. The sister a kinky and hot especially the starter picture.

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sPacE-gaN responds:

Thanks for your kind feedback ! As I remember there are three final monsters, and only one successful ending. Glad you enjoyed the kinky sister ;) all my best games contain something pervy !

10/10 music
9/10 art
9/10 story

sPacE-gaN responds:

Thanks very much ! You seem to have enjoyed things - this is a fantastic reward for me, almost as good as cash - almost. I hope to make a new game soon, but at the moment I've been writing erotica for amazon ! Check my profile if you're interested. Buying the book is a good way to support me.

Very interesting and it DOES have nice music. I don't see the relation between any of my choices though so I just ended up changing the fungus I picked and keeping everything else the same, but I kept playing for some reason. ~

sPacE-gaN responds:

Thanks for the feedback ! Glad you had a good experience :) ALL of the choices effect things in the story, they're just not connected in a straightforward way. The mushroom choice is the most significant.

Why the protozoan always unhappy when i'm giving it thing?BTW nice soundtrack.

sPacE-gaN responds:

Thanks, glad you liked the music :) you need to change the things you do leading up to giving the protozoan a gift. Everything you do early on in the game decides if the protozoan will like the gift.

I love the art, story, feel and music. But for some reason, it almost always presents a mushroom I didn't pick. For example, I picked a stink horn and it says the protozoan is unhappy with my pitiful shaggycap. I have achieved a good ending, but if there are others, I'd like to be able to get them too, and this might be preventing me from doing so.

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sPacE-gaN responds:

Argh, yeah it's broken.

I fixed it. Really sorry you played a broken version - hope you can enjoy it more now ! And thank you so much for your kind words and review / bug spotting :D

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3.77 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2015
8:44 PM EDT
Adventure - Other